Sebastian Party 9

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Sebastian Party 9

Postby polyedit2000 » Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:51 pm

Today, I saw a trailer of Mario Party 9. Judging by the number, I do not have to explain what this game is. However, we do need to find something to make this board active, so I will explain:

Mario Party is a board game where one usually wins by gaining the most stars, which can be bought with coins from events on the board or from minigames. Mario Party 9 changes the varieties from adding new gameplay mechanics, most notably by replacing turn-by-turn movement with a moving platform. These are the basic gameplay mechanics (of the previous titles) for reference:

-The board is made of Blue (good), Red (bad), Green (event that gives or takes coins or move you elsewhere), Star (requires amount of coins) and "Skull" (Very Bad)
-A minigame occurs after everyone moved at least once. The red and blue spaces determine what teams are in effect (green-landed spaces become blue or red).
-There are usually 4 players. Some spaces or conditions will forces players to play solo or 1v1 games.
-Maps loop around. The game ends after a certain amount of time ends, increasing the risks at the last few turns.
-There are items that can be used at later times, but not during minigames.

And what was observed in the #9 trailer:

-The mobile platform moves all players, but each player takes a turn to move it.
-Some spaces take you to a place where everyone still moves at the same time but are split up and thus get separate bonuses.
-There are "bosses" at certain points.
-Coins have been dropped, and stars can be picked up more frequently without cost. Each "star space" contains more stars.

Anyway, in this topic, let's make up our own Mario Party. I'll start, and take note that you don't necessarily have to use what I already posted:

-Sebastian's Shoppe. A floor with some item-gain panels and a row of events at the back storage space.
-Chainsman Institute. Multiple wings, events unleashes hunting traps.

Event Spaces-
-Rovers are unleashed on a random space and move for a certain amount of turns.
-10% chance of being cocooned in resin, skipping a turn

-Happy Sack: forces a player to skip a turn, but get extra coins for each missed turn.
-Gel Prison: Transform and run over other players, relocating them and gaining some of their coins.
-China Doll: 50% of avoiding an item's effect, but unable to use any other items for the next turn.

-4vs: Tape Buddies: A parody of Light cycles/Snake. Keep moving to tangle others in a trailing tape boy.
-4vs: Princess Decoy: Keep mashing buttons to slow down the transformation process.
-1v3: Friend in the Gel: Keep away! Watch out for sticky drippings.
-4vs: Suckers: Free the victims to get coins. Just be careful not to release bug eggs...
-Boss: The Thane: Catch him! Watch out for dragons.

-Let's replace the moving platform with a paddy wagon.

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Re: Sebastian Party 9

Postby rubberlover581 » Thu Jan 26, 2012 5:12 pm

I am in when do we start?

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Re: Sebastian Party 9

Postby polyedit2000 » Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:29 am

Right now, this topic is simply to gather up ideas. If there is enough interest and/or players, I might think about starting an RP.

-2v2-The Storage-Simply a matching game. Players need to work together to find matching products within the fault. Security drones will sometimes interrupt the search.
-Boss-Pumpkin King-The spirit of Halloween comes! Activate the pumpkin cannons to attack him, but be aware of the fog and the traps he hides underneath.
-Boss-Bodybag Yohma- She'll remove your limbs. Quickly hop away from her and locate the reversal spell, then lay down justice.
-4vs-Slaveballs-Quickly rock yourself in order to grab the release switch and escape deportation.

-Werefurniture- After placing this trap, any player(s) landing on this space becomes a furniture and skips a turn. Anyone passing by this player might become stunned.
-Nonsense-A player is forced to skip a turn. However, said player will look towards an interesting space...
-Wine Barrel- Anyone landing on this trap becomes a wine barrel and skips their turn. Anyone passing by this player might get extra coins.
-Sashey Sack-Reduces movement by half.
-Tameranian Skin Shedding-Coins gained by the affected player are redirected to the owner of the item.
-Pig Bomb-Turn a radius of players into pigs. They earn and lose twice as much coins in the minigames.

Event Spaces:
-Hard Coating- Skip the next turn
-Milking Chamber- Some coins are directly invested into the Bank space.
-Snake Test- Activating this space causes a snake to appear in a certain section, gobble up any unfortunate players in its path, and deposit them on another space.

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Re: Sebastian Party 9

Postby FunkFu » Sat Mar 09, 2013 12:26 am

Mini-game ideas:
-4v4- chariot race- be the first to pull your chariot to the finish line. Whips will give you a moment of encouraged speed boost but don't over do it or you'll slow down faster from being tired.

-4v4- Paint Ball Splatter- be the last one moving, to win you must immoblize your rivals using paint ball guns and colorful sticky bullet blob ammo. The more blobs your hit with the slower you become until your left stuck to the ground consumed by the blobs.

-4v4- Trampoline vacuum me- There are ten latex trampolines that you must jump on to collect coins or points. Watch out, there are three of them that are traps. Land on one of them and you'll be sealed tight for a time or for the rest of the match, until time runs out or everyone is sealed in.

-1v3- Webbing Riot- Three players must hurry down the long castle or cave hallway, avoiding the fourth players web balls, web strings or long extra limbs.If caught, will be wrapped up and carried through the mini game until all have been caught or at least one of them makes it out of the hall.

(just some ideas.)

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Re: Sebastian Party 9

Postby RyukiUriu » Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:51 pm

i would join too :O...but what kind of map are we gonna use?

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Re: Sebastian Party 9

Postby polyedit2000 » Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:28 am

((Minigames and items are independent of the board. Try to indicate the map used for Event Spaces. You can also submit your own maps. Hm...RP sounds nice, though I'll host it much, much later.))

4vs- Beta Ring Toss: With each player on the rooftoop, they must toss colored latex hoops down upon the institute's escapees. Normal inmates are 1 point while were-cheetahs are 3 points. Player rank is whoever has the most points when the timer runs out.

1v3- Remote Rover: One player controls a Rover ball while the other three are in the same arena. The three players must keep away from the Rover or get sucked into it. If even one of the three players survive when the timer counts down, the team wins.

Solo- Lucky Roll: A player crumbled down into a sucker ball is rolled down a chute. They can move to one of three chutes, which have four results: a normal chute, a chute with 5 points, a chute with a bomb that blows off 10 points, and a pitfall. The game ends when the pitfall is chosen, and the points earned becomes coins earned (minimum of 0). The further down one goes, though, the quicker the choices have to be and the more common bomb chutes are.

4vs- Nonsense Ring Toss: Each player is a Nonsense and gets their own screen. They can bend their upper body, and the goal is to get rings to land on them. The rank is determined with whoever collected the most rings once time runs out.

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Re: Sebastian Party 9

Postby FunkFu » Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:25 pm


4v4- Plush puppy: everyone has a limited time to fully stuff a plush toy (Person inside a plush suit) full of fluff for coins or for points to win the game. Depending on how many fully fluffed plush toys you have that is by stuffing them fully using a fluff gun.

4v4- GET TO THE CELL: Each of person has their own prisoner inside their round pressure suit and needs to be placed inside their holding cells. Carry them down stairs, through check points and up some stairs to be the first. Watch out though, they tend to squirm and fight back.

4v4- Bubble rumble: all players must battle each other off the platform or knock them into any traps on the outside of the platform arena. Such as two hanging open body bags, two rovers hovering around the platform or just knock them into the black latex goo pit. Each player however will be placed in special bubble shoes, mitt,s and body gear to give them extra knock back, jump but a bit of an unbalanced movements when walking.

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Re: Sebastian Party 9

Postby polyedit2000 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:11 pm

2v2- Sludge Scraper: Teams of two need to try and free a random person trapped in a thick layer of gooey. However, hoses will try to coat players as well, and as both teams are on small circular platforms, they must move out of the way unless they wish to get coated and lose a few seconds of work. The team that removes all the layers first wins.

4vs- Mushroom Capers: The party takes turns plucking mushrooms. There will be (number of players + 1) mushrooms per round. When the player picks one that turns him or her into a mushroom, the remaining players move to the next row of mushrooms. The remaining player is declared the winner.

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