Sebastian's Rock Paper Scissors

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Sebastian's Rock Paper Scissors

Post by cedarwoodMKII » Fri Apr 17, 2015 7:19 am

As a long time fan of both Seb's work, Pokémon, and an overall fanboy, I've been thinking about the ultimate fan question: "Who would win in a fight?" Specifically, which types of powers, traps, and technique could overpower, or negate one another? Taking some ideas from things like /d/ and sticky-site I have come up with a few ideas.

I just think elemental typing systems are fun. And here, are elements are leather, and latex, and slime, and tape, and magic, etc.

What if a character uses magic to transform opponents. But magic can't penetrate latex (because it's shiny, and reflective). But latex can be cut and ripped, so if there was some kind of monster with teeth or claws (spider, snake, etc.) the latex wouldn't work. And for whatever reason, we say that animals can't be transformed, they need strong binding equipment, like leather and rope to contain them. So the person with the bondage equipment is the winner, right? Until they get transformed by the magic user.

So in the scenario I've described, Magic beats bondage, bondage beats monsters, monsters beat latex, and latex beats magic.

What do you guys think? And obviously there is so much more in this tangled web. Just like in pokémon, it's more than just grass, fire, and water.

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