Stalker5999's character bios

Now, I'm sure some people may get lost.
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Stalker5999's character bios

Post by stalker5999 » Wed Oct 22, 2014 9:32 am

Hehe, well since I am finally finding the time to work a bit on here might as well gather to this then to help save of time since things seems right down to the matter


Name: Gwenifred Marie Valenteen
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Hair: Red
Clothing: Described as "Gothic punk", usual wearing broken in or tattered clothing more commonly baggy black pants, short torn tee shirt with some sort of logo, her favorite being the broken heart, studded collars and cuffs and chain and lock accessories with hefty leather boots. Occasionally ties away her hair under a dark red bandana
Appearance: A young women, lean with just a few curves to her shape, her figure close to a petite women but she has little problems to "Show off her charms", never really seen wearing make up. Standing a good five and a half feet tall, several piercings noticeably more upon her right ear then her left and enchanting Amber eyes
Likes: Fantasy, history, art particularly "graffiti' tagging (practices it herself), meditation, nature and those with an open mind.
Dislikes: Being arrested, people who belittle others for differences, insults to sexism and the sort, getting her cuffs and collar broken.
Kinks: Bondage, leather, latex, metal, self-bondage, domination (prefers herself a top but can be 'encouraged' to submissive) Strong females both physically and willful, 'the thrill of a risk' and shibari.
Preferences/Sexuality: Bi-curious lesbian. She enjoys the female form more then male but she has had romances and flings with the opposite sex. A switch in the BDSM scene with preference to being a dominate

Normal Settings: An adventurous young women since her preteen years, raised by her father with mother deceased, realized she had a preference for girls and has is not ashamed the fact. She learned about bondage from one of her few 'boyfriends' a bit ago and has found a great deal of enjoyment in it, both receiving and giving. Now with a bit of a 'wild streak' she likes to explore and expand a bit of herself as much as she can, if it can get her into trouble or not.

Fantasy Settings: An adventurous young women since her preteen years, raised by her father with mother deceased, realized she had a preference for girls and has is not ashamed the fact. She discovered bondage early on through the common media, 'DiD' in comics and the likes and practiced the art of self bondage. She soon discovered when bound, she could 'influence' things around her, a penance for magic. A bit of search, she discovered the likes of 'bondage witches' and has been training herself to the art of the restrictive magic since.

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Re: Stalker5999's character bios

Post by stalker5999 » Wed Oct 22, 2014 11:13 am

Name: Sherwin D. Romra
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Hair: Blond
Clothing: Generally wears common formal attire, dressing in size snug jeans, shirt with vest and or jacket depending, wears a small chain necklace with a pendant in shape of a rabbits head.
Appearance: Standing just barely that of five feet and an inch, he has a very slender appearance, adding to a feminine nature to his form. His blond hair is kept long usually tied within a tight ponytail with a pair of deep blue eyes upon that.
Likes: Fashion, music, cute/funny movies, animals both stuffed and not
Dislikes: Being called a girl, fighting, being bullied and insults in general
Kinks: Suiting, light bondage, petplay, cuddling, plushie play, slight cross dressing (though needs a fair bit of encouragement) 'soft' domination
Preferences/Sexuality: Pansexual
Biography: Sherwin had a rather average upbringing, two fair parents, an older sister and alot of bullying do to his appearances. It was not till his late high school years did he find more comfort to be himself via means of his 'dates'. After going to college for fashion design Sherwin discovered a slight thrill for role play as soft and cuddly things though it embarrass him to no end when teased about 'in public'. Despite his feminine nature he shows a slight boldness when others are being picked on for outside appearances or preferences.

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Re: Stalker5999's character bios

Post by irRESPondible » Thu Oct 30, 2014 5:12 pm

Mmm, Gwen seems like a good girl to treat... well, "Gwen"
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Re: Stalker5999's character bios

Post by stalker5999 » Sun May 10, 2015 11:54 am

Aheh, been a tid but I seem to have found time to return ^>^ and with some new ideas in turn

Name: Jessica Barbanco
Age: 20
Race: Flonyard Horse woman
Sex: Female
Hair: Starlight Blue, that is a deep dark shade of blue with spots or 'sparkles' of lighter blue along the lengths of her hair
Clothing: Her common cloths include a set of warn tan overall pants, a black tee shirt a bit tattered with a red oval patch about the left shoulder, warn tattered leather gloves, vest and boots. Will wear a hooded travelers cloak for poor weather. For her "battle" attire if she has access to it, a seat of durable black pants, a red 'adventurers skirt' shirt and hefty shin black boots, topped with leather belt strapped knee, hip guards and grieve for her left forearm. Generally wears of a straw 'cowboy hat' with a cleave gash to its far side, but has a slight tendency to lose it.
Appearance: Standing upon seven feet and an inch in height, with a firm slim build with rounded features to her hips and legs, curly, almost messy hair of deep blue with light blue 'speckles' reaching down to her shoulder blades with matching tail that reaches her ankles, deep brown eyes and small oval ears upon the sides of her head. Included to her natural form is a small tattoo like mark shape akin to a heart designed around her belly button and ring toes.
Likes: Warm Weather, running, racing, "Wars", pop music, classical music, story telling, playful people, working out
Dislikes: Rain and thunder, people who cheat at its cruelest, pain, abuse to nature and animals, losing do to outside causes
Kinks: a "athletic masochist" she does not derive pleasure from pain stimulus such as being "beaten" or "abused", but greatly enjoys the stimulus from being pushed to her limits physically in challenges such as the "runners high" moment, smaller "bosses", is discovering her enjoyment of ponyplay and 'bosses in cute costumes'
Preferences/Sexuality: Does not have a preference, close to Pan-sexual
Biography: A simple country side daughter of farmers from a world dubbed Flonyard within the outskirt countryside of the the Biscotti kingdom. Growing up with her family Jessica had the simple life of tutoring, tending to the fields and training. Seeing the war games of the kingdoms Jessica like others of her world grew for a taste of the spirit of competition, though she found her skills in the art of actual combat lacking for the jist of things, she found a great aptitude for 'hit and run' tactics using her strong legwork. No matter the scenario she takes every thing that comes to her with the competitive spirit to try her best and win, even if she ends up in less then favorable scenarios at times


Name: "Game Master" and "Game Mistress"
Age: Unknown, though at the least appear to be of adult age for most universes standards
Sex: Male and Female
Hair: Unknown
Clothing: Commonly "seen" wearing hooded robes of Jade and Ruby colors
Appearance: No one has seen the 'true' Game Master and Game Mistress before, they have means to create almost remote controled 'bodies' to represent them taking a variety of forms, but three features always remain for these doubles. The Master and Mistress always sends a double of their own gender, the double always wear their tell tale sign robes and their doubles are lacking color of their eyes and irises.
Likes: Games, more so ones that can inspire the creation of their "Aray Games", fun 'Players' to their games, the works of naughty magic users, Sebastian's rubbershop, good losers
Dislikes: Sore winners and losers, specially to their Aray Games, when something 'damages' their games, cheaters and killers
Kinks: All form of fabric slash material play (leather, latex, silk so on), transformation, traps, bondage, 'DiD', 'GiD', hypnosis , monsters, furs, inflation, BDSM, tricks, magic, science and others to say the least
Preferences/Sexuality: Both Master and Mistress seem to be Bisexual or Pan-sexual, neither seemingly showing more interest to either gender but closer to interest to the "players" depending their nature.
Biography: No one knows the full story of the 'twins' who call themselves Game Master and Game Mistress besides what they say. According to the pair, they are beings either of greater science or power that allows them to warp realities at their leisure. They admit to being avid "gamer's" of games of various worlds and style, "from games of card to invaders of space to realities virtual and beyond' they claim. At a point they claim in their budding adult years, they discovered the reality of the Rubber Mage, Sebastian Blackcat, and "fell in love with his wares", coupled with their abilities and fondness for games, they began their "Altered Reality of Adult Yearning", or "Aray" Games. Either through invite, kidnapping or just finding people to act as "players' or "NPC's of their games, the twins remake games they had experienced with the flair of Sebastian's adult shop and magical crafts. Should players do well,t hey are likely 'brought back' for new games, or have experiences with the twins doubles in our out of game, all in all, despite the slightly devious nature, the twins play to the rules as they make and despites when players "cheat them" or even try to take other life when not permitted, mostly the latter is only saved for artificial made lifeforms or "avatar NPC's the twins create. No matter the game, the Game Master and Game Mistress simply seek a few simple things.

One, the creation of a fun if adult or natured game
Two, to find more "players" to enjoy their games with
Three, to have as much fun whilst creating these kinky little games.

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Re: Stalker5999's character bios

Post by stalker59991 » Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:33 am

if you have not seen in my post for my new roleplay, this is my new account so hence fitting to just post here, anyway tis a new addition to my list here, though they are for Dungeoncon

Name: Madame Amberlust
Age: Claims she is over 700
Sex: "Female" though Dungeon Cores do not have a set gender and even her 'form' can be altered
Hair: None
Clothing: None, mostly
Appearance: Her 'true' self appears as a six foot tall four foot wide Amber gemstone with a two foot crack formed along its surface, with a noticeable human form apparently trapped inside. Her 'materialized' form she makes out of a liquid amber gel taking a semi human like appearance of a bottom heavy females shape. She claims her ability to 'enhance' her material form increases with her power and resources
Likes: Herself, her 'pets' (heroes or others she has locked her special Minion Manacle's on), Purple (her first 'pet' not the color), her Dungeon, her loyal Mobs, treasures and 'none greedy heroes'
Dislikes: Greedy Heroes, unruly mobs, lairs, those who take forever to get to a point and speak 'softly' instead of being 'honest', her dungeon being damaged and "Bitchy" the Witch trapped in her gem
Kinks: Enslavement, petplay, encasement, traps, overpowering powerful opponents and monsters, monsterfication and transformation.
Preferences/Sexuality: As a Dungeon Core she doesn't have a true 'sexuality' since 'she' is not with gender, but claims to be 'omni-sexual'
Biography: Madame Amberlust is one of four special 'dungeon cores' created by a powerful being ages ago in her home world. Their function is simple, create labyrinths with traps and monsters and tricks and treasures, beat the challengers that crawl through them and reward those who can make it through. Amberlust is the second eldest of the four, with a blunt personality as far back as she can recall since she was 'born'. She likes what she likes, wants what she wants and makes what she makes. Unlike the two younger siblings she does not enjoy 'killing' her targets, but simply adores humiliating those who mess up and get beaten instead. A few hundred years into her life her dungeon did well besides the kingdom of Asuuma, giving it many treasures and gold to supply and grow with and it in turn gave her more then enough greedy would be heroes for her to stretch her powers against. Her 'friendship' with the kingdom ended when she supposedly enslaved and Monsterfied its key Princess, but since then the kingdoms wealth and state has fallen horribly though. Recently though, a 'heroine' Witch managed to beat her way through Amberlusts dungeon, and instead of taking the more then worth it treasure, the witch attempted a powerful black spell that was meant to shatter Amberlusts core gem, drain her magical power and spells as well as the vast resources the dungeon core had obtained. Fortunately the spell was not meant for a 'primordial' Core like herself, but it did hurt her and 'reset' herself. Meaning now Amberlust has almost none of her vast power, abilities or even loyal monsters to boss around and worse yet, all the floors and rooms she had built to be her 'protection' now act as a prison as she cant regain control of the very few small rooms around her core. And she built 'a lot' of rooms and floors around herself before this happened....

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