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For the Rubber Mages in Us

New doll sequence 44222 viewsTentacle like restraints remove what's left of her clothing as the spreading blisters engulf her breasts
New doll sequence 54895 viewsSuction cups enlarge her swollen breasts while a rod reshapes her openings
New doll sequence 66278 viewsHer hair becomes discoloured, looking a lot less natural, as the remainder of her skin becomes swollen and unnaturally plastic
New doll sequence 75575 viewsShe becomes weak with fatigue and slumps to the ground. Her swollen body now resembles an artificial love toy, but she is not filled with air, she remain human on the inside.
In 4XX...X AF2608 viewspolyedit2000. I imagine Sebastian would check on this Chainsman the future.
Raspberry infection3116 viewsGenetically modified raspberries are a bad (or perhaps good) idea
Rubber Ponyfox238 viewsThis is one of those times I got bored and started drawing over a printout... I really love this picture and it's original.. It had alot of influence on some of my fetishes; I think sooo I put myself in it's place.

Its also up on my DA gallery; I asked Seb if I could post it there along time ago and he said it was alright.

Mmm for the most part I changed up alot of variables... Added more shine spots details changed the mane and hair style and made the character reflect my OC.
Gotta Stick Together3090 viewspolyedit2000. I may have used seb's art as a template, though not every detail was copied.
Joy of Painting191 viewsPonyfox
Setsu Dan Toys2601 viewspolyedit2000. I always wondered about putting one of those dolls in them suits. Also, nonsense ninja lol.
Shocked mannequin2597 viewsPosed while restrained, this new mannequin can't quite believe what's happened to her
Various Sprites3802 viewspolyedit2000. These sprites are based on some of Sebastian's drawings
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