Fiber Plant

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This plant can be identified by its bark-like exterior.

No one knows if the Fiber Plant should be considered a carnivorous plant or a fungus. When prey draws near, the tip of the Fiber Plant will latch onto the prey's belly and rapidly cover its whole body. The plant's stalk then thickens, becoming tree-like and stiff. This would ensure that the stalk does not break from its prey's weight and will keep the prey from struggling.

The victim does not get digested by rather lives in symbiosis with the plant. As long as the plant receives nutrients from its prey, the plant will feet nutrients from the ground into the prey to keep it healthy.

Some people believe this plant is a way to be one with nature. Other people would cut the stalk off to free the victim, though some would keep the victim in the fiber shell and preserve them in resin. Some slimes or rubber will also capture victims in a manner similar to the Fiber Plant.