Mistakes Cost Big

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The Insect Queen is a fanatic about numbers. The number of servants. The number of rules. Especially the number of time.

Under the Insect Queen's rules, her subjects must complete their tasks in a timely manner. No one must be a second late, and no one should loiter on their given tasks. Sadly, not every one can keep up to her idea of time, and they are punished.

For being tardy, these servants are forced to strip and then kneel upon raised pedestals. They are then covered in enough wax to hide their faces and immobilize them. However, their hands and feet remain uncovered so that others can see the effects of their punishment.

Each pedestal has a flower said to lick up morning due. In reality, this flower will seek out any moisture, and they are positioned near the servant's crotch at the time of punishment. Thus, a simple plant assaults and tickles the servants while they are unable to pluck it out. The Insect Queen's advisers stops by, only to remind them not to be late the next time their queen beckons.

The servants who are fortunate to avoid this punishment are also tasked to clean the symbols of tardiness.