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At first, one sees a tree. Then as they get closer, they start noting that the leaves sprout from two branches, and only two branches exists. Another step reveals a third branch, but you realize it is not a stub but a head. It had a face staring straight ahead, littered with leaves like hair and a gaping hole where its mouth should be. As you trace the chiseled chest, you realize the top half of the tree resembles a human.

Looking down, you can seem something like a crotch, but the rest of the thick tree is wrapped by a single vine that connects to where the belly button should be. You look further down until you see the roots of the tree, and next to it is a flower from which the vine originates. You think it is odd that a vine sprouts from the petals of the flower, but ultimately, you think nothing of it.

You plan to leave, but then your legs get tangled by a vine. It slowly creeps up to your torso, and as you feel something enter your body, you hope your research at least bears something. Other than fruit.


These are older tree-type transformations. The catalyst of this transformation is unknown. However, while the person transforms into a tree, there are differences. The main difference is that the tree does not grow thicker. While less leaves are formed from the arms, the legs merge together yet maintain their original thickness. The hair of the person is usually converted into wood instead of leaves.