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Full Version: Kinkster's Blessing On This Konasuba
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Darkness had stopped resisting as soon as her limbs slid in.  In fact, it seems as if she was trying to squeeze herself smaller so that the bindings would be tighter, blushing as she looked at Aqua.

Aqua seemed to have recovered from the frog trauma and was trying to crawl away for her life.
One of the men looked at Aqua, then turned to the others. "Should I..?"
"Yeah. We got Darkness tamed."
"Thanks." The one guy left to go and recapture Aqua. Of course the recapture was pretty easy to handle since Aqua was heavily restrained and didn't go too far.
As for Darkness, binding Darkness was an easy process that it took them half the time to bind Aqua to bind Darkness. Soon after, the two men would put a three-inch ball gag into Darkness' mouth and strap it around the back of her head, likely to her own pleasure.
Darkness blushed and drooled as she saw a wiggling Aqua being returned.  It seems that she didn't know if her gag was more cruel that Aqua's but seems to be content and docile.
"Well, that's two major targets down, one more to go."
"Yep." The men would soon put Aqua and Darkness back in the wagon. There was one more to capture: Megumin. Aside from her gospel-levels of dedication to the Explosion spell, Megumin isn't too big of an idiot. It was hinted that Megumin was using Explosion to demolish abandoned buildings, so the men decided to go looking for an abandoned site. Unlike with Chris (who is really Eris, but these guys don't know that), Yunyun might likely appear alongside Megumin, though the former might be a bit more difficult to coax than Megumin since Yunyun isn't exactly a social butterfly.
The men may notice Megumin sleeping on a bench as they drove by.
"Hmm?" One of the men saw Megumin. "Hey, stop the wagon."
The wagon soon stopped.
"Okay, whatever you do, gag her first so she doesn't blow us and everything within a five-kilometer radius up."
"Got it."
And so, the men snuck up to the sleeping Megumin with material in their hands. Once the men were close enough, they all pounced on Megumin, stuffing her mouth with as much cloth as they could so she doesn't blow them the fuck up.
Megumin woke up as she felt her mouth pried open and filled with stuff, but she did not really move.  It seems that they were fortunate that she had cast Explosion earlier and could not move under her own will. "Mmph mmmmph..."
As relieving as that was, the men still had to take care of Megumin. As such, they gave Megumin the same treatment as Aqua, although with the usual 10 layers for Jam-Orbital type gags as opposed to 20 for Aqua. Soon after Megumin's gag had a muzzle put on top, the men would grab a red full-body straitjacket and strated sliding it onto the cute wizard's body.
"Mmm..."  All Megumin could do was glare at them.  It was less of an angry glare and more of a "you woke me up for this" deadpan glare, promising that she would Explode them once her magic was replenished.
Regardless, it was smooth sailing from there. The men slid the jacket onto Megumin's body and strapped her in tightly like the rest. Once that was done, the men would put her into the wagon like they did with Aqua and Darkness before her. Soon, the wagon rode off. Where? No idea.
Aqua struggled as Darkness and Megumin drifted to sleep.  Even she too began to tire as she tried another Break Spell spell with no effect.

((A good place to end this unless you have plans for more in this world?))
(11-21-2021, 02:19 PM)Polyedit2000 Wrote: [ -> ]Aqua struggled as Darkness and Megumin drifted to sleep.  Even she too began to tire as she tried another Break Spell spell with no effect.

((A good place to end this unless you have plans for more in this world?))

((Ah, let's put 'em away first.))

Soon, the girls were taken to an asylum. There, the girls were each carried into the building itself, where they would each be put into separate cells. Aqua got blue, Megumin got red, and Darkness got yellow. Once they were locked up, the men were done with their deal. Now, all that's left was payment.

((Okay, now I'm done.))
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