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Full Version: Kink talk: The Halloween Queen
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You are given a 7000 dollar reward to apprehend a prankster who only strikes on Halloween night. Be warned she is very manipulative and wily and who knows you might be the victim of her pranks.

Apperance: she has tan skin , rather muscular, a long flowing strew of dark blonde hair stopping at the beginning of her back and a rather plump butt which she hates talking about. She's known for wearing a green shirt and corset combo , a blue jean-skirt short enough to show her bare buff legs and white wrestling boot-heels. Her name was simply what her victims know her as. Queen
A fatty and rather clumsy guy named Alex settled in this city recently. Therefore, he did not know anything about the Halloween Queen, did not intend to hunt her and did not take any measures to protect himself from a possible attack. Instead, he just decorated his house before Halloween. He hung fake cobwebs and bats everywhere, put jack-o'-lanterns on the porch, put dummies of skeletons, ghosts and the dead on the lawn in front of the house, prepared a large plate with sweets. All this took a lot out of Alex. And since the time for the evening hunt for sweets had not yet come, he decided to relax a little and take a shower.

Julia lived in a neighboring house. She was a short and very slender girl with small (almost non-existent) breasts, a neat little booty, hands as thin as matches and slender girlish legs. She has short brown hair cut to look like a boy. Unlike Alex, she had read the announcement and was now seething with the desire to catch the Halloween Queen, become famous and receive an award. If the case happened in the cartoon, Julia would now have dollar signs instead of pupils. She checked her bag again: two skeins of rope, several rolls of duct tape, a large ball gag, and bottle of chloroform-"Perfect! No queen will escape from me!". Julia dressed in a tight latex Catwoman costume, attached a whip and a taser to her belt, slung her bag over her shoulder and went outside. The hunt has begun!

At the very moment when Alex was undressing in his bathroom, and Julia was locking the front door of her house before going hunting, Jane went into the Halloween costume store. She was a sporty girl of medium height with strong legs, slightly muscular arms, small but shaped abs and a small but strong and beautiful booty. She had tanned skin and dark hair pulled back in a ponytail. Jane spent a lot of time at the gym today, and only recently remembered that she doesn't have a Halloween costume.
- "Hi". - she said to the salewoman —"Do you have any costume for me? But keep in mind that I want something non-banal. Ordinary mummies, witches and pirates will not suit me."
The shopwoman got up and walked to an isle where she kept the more obscure costumes. "Here you'll find a Starfire costume , a Tracer one, a Pokemon Trainer one and Princess Peach one."
Jane thought for a while and began to reason out loud: "Princess Peach is a damsel in distress. That's not my type. Pokemon is too childish. Starfire or Tracer? Hmmm...."
- "Can I try on these 2 suits and compare them?" - she asked the shopwoman.
"Sure I do not see why not" . The Star fire costume came with a red wig ' purple crop top and skirt and purple thigh highs . Meanwhile the tracer costume looked more high quality with the orange leggings having potential to show off her cute butt.
- "Perhaps this one looks more interesting." - the muscular girl pointed out the Tracer costume.
- "I'm a little small for Zarya, but the Tracer will be just right. Where's the fitting booth here?"
She showed Jane her way to the fitting booth. It was tall and orderly. "Right then stay safe out there Queen's striking on Halloween"
Jane took the Tracer costume, entered the fitting booth and already began to undress. When suddenly her attention was attracted by an announcement hanging on the wall of the booth. It was the poster of the reward for the capture of the Queen.
- "Hey, miss?" - the girl half leaned out from behind the curtain. In one hand she held a piece of paper with an announcement, and with the other hand she covered her bare chest - "What is this? Who is this Halloween Queen?"
"just someone sucking the fun out of Halloween . Putting innocent saps into pumpkin bondage suits , kidnapping people into inflatible sacks, egging houses you name it"
- "Wow. Sounds interesting." - Jane leaned out from behind the curtain a little further, so now the saleswoman could see her bare tummy with abs cubes. - "So she does this every Halloween and the police still haven't been able to catch her?"
The white blue haired shopwoman nodded her head "I'm afraid so if your interested in the offer I'll put you in the tracer costume and help find her"
- "What an interesting character...." - Jane leaned out from behind the curtain even further, lost her balance and almost fell to the floor, but managed to keep her balance at the last moment. However, to do this, she had to take a few steps forward and get out of the booth (as it turned out, she had already managed to put on Tracer leggings) and wave her hands (so the shopwoman had a great chance to see her tits). "Ugh... It was close," Jane hurried to cover her chest with a piece of paper
- "A green shirt and a corset, a blue jean-skirt and white wrestling boot-heels..." - she listed thoughtfully - "Listen. Do you happen to have a Halloween Queen costume? She is strong, independent, mysterious and dangerous - this character is just for me."
"No we don't actually but maybe when you catch her you get to take her clothes" the storekeeper laughed before going back to her desk.
Jane smiled and picked up the shopwoman 's joke - "Hehe. If I meet her, that's probably what I'll do. But in the meantime..." - she returned to the fitting room and a few minutes later came out dressed in a Tracer suit, which perfectly fitted her athletic figure, leaving almost no room for imagination.
- "Ta-daaam!  Well, how do I look?" - the girl began to spin and take different poses from Overwatch, trying to examine herself from all sides.
"Like a billion dollars . Now you should show your friends that cute costume of yours". She said before opening the staff only door "Welp, it's break time I'll see you tonight . Don't pass up that offer, we need all the help we can get." She went into the room and closed the door.
- "Thanks. I really like it too," Jane replied, but the shopwoman had already disappeared behind the door.
- "Hey, wait. I haven't paid for the purchase yet" - the girl went to the door for the staff only and pulled the door handle.
"There's a self checkout section over by the magazines" . She already had locked the door . Perhaps she was doing this out of fear for the Queen.
- "Hey... Miss?" - the girl knocked on the locked door, puzzled -"What about your offer?"
"Alright fine I'll help." The overweight blue haired ponytailed shopwoman stepped out "I'm Harley"
- "Jane" - Jane introduced herself and held out her hand for a handshake. "Do you have any information about this Queen? I think it's like looking for a needle in a haystack."
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