Zero-Tolerance to Spam Bots
In case people were curious:

There is a zero-tolerance policy against spammers/spambots.

Suspected spambots will be banned when the Admin comes on, usually every day.

So how does the Admin determine if an account is a spammer?  Usually, the spammer's first topic is usually Spam, which have the following symptoms:

A) The topic sounds like it is posted in the wrong area.

B) The topic contains a link to a website of amateur naming.

For example, a "China Email List" was posted inside the Roleplay forums.  The topic reads like an advertisement for selling said item and includes one word in the middle of the paragraph as a link, which is suspicious even without checking the link's name.  Thus, the person who posted that was quickly banned and their topics deleted too.

Some spam does not even have to make literal sense as long as it pushes its website.  In rare occasions, spammers might reply to an ongoing thread or place their websites in their signatures; these too will be checked as well.  Though the Admin might overturn the ban if emailed, there are rarely any emails from these spam accounts.

In regards to this attempt, the registration questions have been updated.
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