Binding Roads
(09-27-2022, 06:19 PM)Flashlight237 Wrote: "Of course. I should'a warned her about that..."

Seeing Jackie's down turn, the guy speaks up. "Hey, it might not be so bad. Give it an hour then hail a cart or something to the station and check in. I bet your friend will be fine." His girl friend quickly scoffed. "'Phfff ' Fat chance." The blonde began, "She's probably gonna get in some-" As she spoke, her boyfriend pulled something out of his pockect and swiftly pulled his hand away, revealing a tape gag. "Mmph!" The Man then looked sheepishly at Jackie. "Sorry, she tends to just run her mouth."
"Just keep her away from cashiers and waittresses or other hardly-paid workers and you'll generally be fine." Jackie walked into the museum proper.
The museum is pretty big with a portrait of a six woman gathered together and smiling to the camera.

Our Founding Mothers - 1905
Madem Samantha Craven
Maggie Anderson
Caroline Lucas
Winnifred Burton
Abigail Lewis
Sadie Brooks

Beneath the them was a sign pointing to two directions: To the right was 'Town History' while to left was 'Restraints Through Time'. 
"Excuse me." A soft spoken voice called to Jackie. The speaker was clearly a shy person, playing with a strand of her long brunette hair that didn't hide her face. "Are you here about the ad?"

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