Kink Talk: Mindful Mummies
You find yourself in a setup inspired by TORE!, a Japanese game show from the late 2000s/early 2010s that was infamous for its mummification segment. You know the one. You find yourself bound against a pole, which was surrounded by two big spools of bandages. Behind you is an open sarcophagus. Seems they're going for an Egyptian look. At the moment, the lights hadn't came on, but the area wasn't that dim, allowing you to see your surroundings.

((While TORE's mummification segment was a single-player experience, forum threads can turn into multiplayer experiences quickly. I'm trying to figure out a way to allow a multiplayer deal to work in this case.))
A large and chubby girl named Masha, dressed in pink pajamas depicting the characters of the animated series "My little pony", has just woken up and found herself tied to a pole in an unfamiliar place resembling an Egyptian tomb. Well. It happened to her again! She woke up again not where she went to bed.
For a while, the girl fiddled and struggled in her bonds, trying them for strength, and pretty quickly realized that she would not be able to free herself on her own.
- "Hello? Is anybody here?!" - she called, apparently addressing the walls.
Sorry for bad English. This is not my native language.
- "Heeey?! Can anyone hear me?!" - chubby girl called again. And added, hesitantly: "Heeeelp meeee.... I'm tied up!.."
Masha guessed that any people who could hear her screams now already knew perfectly well that she was tied to a pole, and they were hardly interested in helping her free. On the other hand, she didn't see any other options for salvation.
Sorry for bad English. This is not my native language.

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