Kink Talk: Gift-Wrapping Machine
So the premise of this is simple. You come across a gift-wrapping machine. It's a basic wrapping machine complete with buttons for it. On the wrapping machine, you would see a cinderblock, perhaps to give the machine something to wrap so it doesn't try doing anything stupid to you. Yep.
Julia (a petite and short tomboy girl with short brown hair) entered the room with the gift-wrapping machine. She was dressed in a Christmas elf costume: a green jacket, a green cap on her head, a short green skirt, green shoes with curved tips, stockings in red and white stripes to her knees and false elf ears (If you're interested, her panties were also in red and white stripes, and Julia didn't wear a bra - her breasts she was too small, so she didn't need it).
- "Go pack the gifts. It's very easy. The machine will do everything by itself" - Julia repeated task that she received from the "elf-boss", mimicking his voice.
- "I've never done this before. Well, okay, we'll figure it out now." - girl went to the machine and began to examine the buttons, trying to figure out how it works.
Sorry for bad English. This is not my native language.
The machine's control panel has simple settings on it, adjustable through the arrows on it. They were as follows...


Wrapping Paper, Ribbons, Bandages


It's starting with green, but you could do whatever.

Pattern (for wrapping paper)

None, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Bells, Presents, Christmas Tree, Santa, Reindeer, Gingerbread Man, Confetti

And at the bottom is the Start button, which was green.
- "Well. It looks pretty simple," - Julia thought.
She set the settings - Materials: Wrapping Paper, Color: red, Pattern: Snowflakes - and pressed the Start button.
Sorry for bad English. This is not my native language.
Sure enough, the device picked up the cinderblock at its base. It brought out the wrapping paper, then wrapped the cinderblock. The present was topped with green ribbon tied in a neat bow and one of those poofy looking present sticker things (I don't know what they're called) before putting the wrapped cinderblock down.
Julia took the wrapped cinder block and lowered it to the floor, puffing hard. It looks like it was wrapped very nicely, quickly and efficiently.
Okay. It's time to start wrapping other gifts! She looked around for what else needed wrapping.
Sorry for bad English. This is not my native language.

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