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The Hardcase is an encasement trap.  Since it starts out looking like a normal sheet, trappers tend to place them over beds in motels/hotels mainly because people will be tired by the time they enter the room.

Should anyone lay on the bed without checking it, the "sheet" will ensnare the person's limbs, attempting to fold them.  After that, the sheet loses its disguise as it sprouts nubs on the inner lining and focus on enclosing the person's form.  It will also form plugs that will be inserted into their crotch and caps to hide these openings.  A giant tentacle slithers into the mouth to maintain their health as the trap pulls in their hair and fully encase the person.  After some time, the trap will solidify like its namesake.  After some time, the trapper can collect these "lost luggage", usually to put them up for auction.

It also seems that some models also hides the limbs in a pocket dimension to make escaping more difficult.  Some models will also sprout handles and wheels to make them easier to transport.
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