Bondage, Please!
Gravity took a moment to recall the details. "I'm not sure you're supposed to know classified info but I'll try. The target's name is Reika, last seen wearing a black sailor uniform. I was originally sent because she was heading into a district with broken buildings and my powers is useful for moving heavy stuff to the side. Normally, the job would be quick and clean but it turns out she got the power to manipulate debris. Thankfully, the place was far from civilization so I had the time to secure the target and rearrange the debris to look more natural."
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Gwen pieced the info together and lining it up with the database and the documents, it seems the information lines up. And... Well, it fits the memo. Gwen didn't think this would legitimately be some gravity-manipulating girl, but the information sounds legit. Based on what she got, Gwen decided that the girl was legit. "Have fun." Gwen opened the shutters.
Gravity nodded and walked into the building.


((So before we continue, would you like a review of who you let in? Also, do you want to play for business or pleasure?))
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((Okay, to answer your question...

1. Yeah, I think a review would be a good idea in the context of this scenario.
2. I think I can go either way depending on how this RP progresses.))
So just to review...

The first employee was Vanessa.

The second employee pretended to be Aqua.  She wore a different department uniform (the info was on the Department Poster).  Aqua would have been wearing a Black/Gofer uniform, not a Blue/Security uniform.

The third employee pretended to be Ochaku.  The eye color gave her away.

Oh, by the way, would you like to do the bindings?


The next person to walk in have short hair in various shades of green with dark eyes, dressed in a black uniform.  She set a hand that had a silver ring on her pinky and some documents.



Date Start:11-23-20XX
Date End: 11-29-20XX

Vulture will attempt to qualify for Quality Assurance.  She will have three attempts to complete the tests to qualify.  She will have to wait 6 months before requesting another testing or transfer request.
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((Funny, Aqua always wore blue.))

Gwen legit scratched her head after the performance review. "Uhh.... Okay..?"

That being said, the next person who came up, Gwen looked over the documents. "Okay... Uhh... Okay..." Gwen put the employee's codename in the search bar. "Real name, please?"
"Gwen."  Vulture said.
Gwen     C1128443

Division: Gofer
Last Objective: 
Last Objective Duration: 11-23-20XX to 11-29-20XX

Short hair in various shades of green
Silver ring on pinky
Dark eyes
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"Right..." This time, Gwen decided to look at the poster listing out the uniforms.
Remember Our Departments
Black - Gofer
Pink - Maintenance
Blue - Security
White - Administration
Purple - Quality Assurance
Gold - Aquisition
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"New recruit, huh?" Gwen (the goth girl) asked. She opened the shutters. "Welcome aboard."
Vulture nodded and walked in.


((This one was originally a allow-in, but I forgot to put in the last objective so the response could have gone either way.  Anyway, I'll probably drop this since I should have realized you hinted that you haven't played this kind of game.

So here's a practice thing you can do.  The thing is to spot the small difference between what is on screen and what is in the database. ))
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((You don't have to drop this thing if you don't want to; I've seen this game get bootlegged enough to get how it works.))

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