Roleplaying Rules
These will be the rules for Roleplaying in the Product Placement section or any light Roleplaying outside that forum:

1. Be respectful of each other.  You all have different opinions and ideas and we should not try to challenge that.  Try not to incite any political, religious or sensitive views.  While characters can still insult each other, they should not be outlets to attack others.

2. Do not roleplay underaged characters in kink situations.  Characters must be at least 18 years old physically and mentally, especially when witnessing such acts.  If using a fictional character under 18, leeway can be provided if they can be aged up within a small time frame or if their future self is an adult when they show up.

3. There are some kinks that should not be roleplayed at all:  Pedophilia, Bestiality, Necrophilia, Scat, Gore.  This is in line with what Sebastian has not drawn himself and what is usually avoided in a number of kinky forums.

4. There are some kinks that others are not comfortable with.  Either let other know ahead of time via content or reputation, or ask the user if the kink is okay.  

5. Avoid Metagaming/Powergaming.  Metagaming involves using out-of-character knowledge to influence in-character decisions (aka Character C grabs a key that Character A only told Character B about despite being in different rooms).  Powergaming involves an unfair advantage by either dictating another player's action or performing highly unrealistic actions (aka determining another character's personal inventory)

6. No "Killing" without good reason. Granted, Sebastian made bondage ghosts, but "killing" refers to termination of another's character which can also apply to inescapable bondage.  "Kills" with vehicles or other large-scale devices also fall under this rule.

7. Respect the GM.  They have put considerable time into crafting a world, so try not to overwrite small things like how healing work or big things like their plot unless the GM allows you to.  However, don't be afraid to call out the GM if they are breaking the rules blatantly.

8. Do not make any additional accounts for roleplaying additional characters.  The forums don't support that level of world-building yet.

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