Subdued Meme Girls 4
In the Mushroom Kingdom, there is a beautiful princess by the name of Peach. She stands six feet tall, has blonde hair, sapphire-blue eyes, and a lovely pink dress. In her castle, Peach is relaxing in her throne while playing on the Switch. How will she be kidnapped this time? That's up to you to decide.

A hooded figure has asked you to capture Tari, Meggy, Saiko and Melony.  How will you capture them?

So far, all you know is that they're not at Peach's Castle.
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(12-02-2021, 10:03 AM)Polyedit2000 Wrote: In the Mushroom Kingdom, there is a beautiful princess by the name of Peach. She stands six feet tall, has blonde hair, sapphire-blue eyes, and a lovely pink dress. In her castle, Peach is relaxing in her throne while playing on the Switch. How will she be kidnapped this time? That's up to you to decide.

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A hooded figure pulls you away from the monitor that spied on Peach.

"Well, it seems the targets are not at Peach's castle."  The figure drops four folders onto the table.  Each folder has a photo of different girls.  "These are the targets.  Go get them."

The first, Tari, was a blue-haired girl that favored a blue hoodie and grey pants.  She would look like a regular girl except for her left mechanical forearm.

The second, Meggy, seemed pretty short but is old enough to get into college.  She normally wears a white t-shirt over a black shirt and shorts, though it seems that she puts her orange hair into a ponytail recently.

The third, Saiko, is a tall pink girl with pink hair, opting for a biege jacket over a black croptop and brown shorts with black stockings.  Her pigtails seem to make her look Japanese, though she is clearly holding a bucket of chicken.

The last, Melony, is a green-haired girl with impressive melons and some facial marks that look like seeds.  She has taken to wearing a black hoodie with a watermelon design.
[Image: Beta.png]
((I apologize if anything I do in this RP breaks convention. In SMG4, basically anything goes.

Also, slight thing to note, Meggy's ponytail is actually interchangeable rather than anything set in stone. In this video, Meggy switches fairly immediately from her ponytail look from the video before to her classic look.: ))

"Aww, but I don't wanna kidnap my friends..!" A certain green guy, Fishy Boopkins, said before being smacked hard by a baseball bat.


"Sorry about that," one of the recruits, who was none other than Heather from Total Drama, said while patting the baseball bat in her hands. "Where was I? Oh yeah. So, these girls all look pretty interesting."

"I hear that one's pretty good at Super Smash Each Other in the Ass Bros." Another girl, the ever-adorable Kitty, pointed at Tari.

"Why am I here again?" Courtney said.

"Because we needed some muscle," Heather replied.


"Anyway... The gamer girl?" Heather said. "That shouldn't be too hard. In fact, I think I know just how to get her in..."
Tari is an avid gamer.  If she isn't in Peach's castle playing games, she might be spending time at the arcade.

In fact, the arcade is a pretty standard building with alleyways to each side.  This is an arcade with many different games and a prize counter, but not really crowded at the moment.  Tari herself is playing what seems to be a platformer about kids totally having drama on an island.
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Heather casually walked up to Tari from behind. She donned a suit and was carrying a suitcase. She leaned in and looked at the game Tari was playing. "Nice game you're plying there, miss."
"Aw, thanks."  Tari replied, though she doesn't stop playing the game.  In fact, it doesn't seem like getting distracted ruins her run.  "You can play with me if you like.  The other controller's open."
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Heather considered the idea. As much as she'd like to nab Tari here and now, she didn't want to give herself away. After all, it is a bad idea to give herself away. So she decided... "Why not?" Heather popped a quarter in and gave being Player 2 a shot.
The game seems to play like a footrace, joining other characters as they jump over obstacles until they are the last one standing or the first to reach the finish line.  Like...some game of falling guys.

Tari seems to be taking the game seriously.
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Man, this game seems weirdly coincidental... Heather thought. Of course, having knowledge of whatever this game was based on, Heather was able to get into it fairly swiftly.

And of course, it went without saying that it got to a point where both Tari and Heather were grunting like heck while playing the game. I'd like to find the sound effect, but I don't know what the name of the sound effect was or where it came from.
If it helps, Tari was screaming like Dragon Ball Z.  Unfortunately, Heather had lost to a stray shaver and Tari continued onto the final round.

"That was a good game."  Tari smiled at Heather after she finished the game.  "Well, time to head home."
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It was then when Heather decided to try enacting her plan. "Wait! I almost forgot." Heather opened up her suitcase, then dug in. "Are you interested in... VR?" Heather then pulled something out. It's a latex-y sack.
"Ooooh~"  Tari was very interested in the VR, and considering her own tech, she didn't find it odd at all.  "I can't wait to try it out!"
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"Wait until you hear this. This is the Wrapture, which gives you all the fun of VR without all the flailing about."
Something about the way Heather phrased that tickled Tari's sense of danger.  "Um, I'm having second thoughts right now..."
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Shit! That usually reels 'em in. Heather decided to try and save it. "What's wrong with the idea of not breaking vases during a long VR session?"
"Oh, nothing's wrong with not breaking things."  Tari placated Heather.  "Though it's a moot point when one of my friends does most of the breaking."

Tari took another look at the sack, feeling bad that she sounded like she was accusing Heather.  "Okay, I guess I can try it for a bit."
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"Great!" And with that, Heather helped Tari into the sack. It took a bit of setup, a bit more so than what would normally be required for a console, but regardless...

Once it was all done and over with, Tari was bound in a blue, rubbery sack. The heavy-duty rubber used kept Tari from pushing herself out, yet it was flexible enough to allow some movement (kicking her legs, moving her head, etc). The sack had white pads on her shoulders, breasts and hips. The "boot" on her sack was white and reached up to her knees. There was a white... Something in Tari's navel, and Tari's collar was white. A round bulge in her mouth indicated that Tari was gagged underneath her hood, which had a VR headset on top. Tari's hair was completely hidden in the rubber of her hood. Guess it was too short to poke out of the hood like a ponytail.

Soon, Heather turned the console on and Tari can see what's going on.

((I'll let you handle Tari's experience with Wrapture since Wrapture was your creation and information about its gameplay is lost to time on me.))
Tari looks around.  She seems to be at a farm.  Then she notices some big birds.  "Ooooh, duckies!"

Tari goes to hug one.  The geese look at one another.  Then they tie her to a stake.


Tari starts wiggling a lot.  Like Heather claimed, she doesn't even break any of the nearby vases.  "Nmmm Mmmhmm!"

((Bad End:  Goose Goose Duck))
[Image: Beta.png]
((And all Tari had to show for it was a herd of geese.))

Heather picked Tari up, then carried her out of the arcade. "Hehe... Sucker..."


Once Heather was back with Tari, she put Tari down next to her pals: Kitty and Courtney. "Well, I got the gamer girl. Now, we can go an--" Heather saw Kitty using a laptop. "What the hell are you doing?"
"I'm watching a stream, Heather..." Kitty giggled.
"Ugh... That is one uncanny-looking model..." Heather shuddered at the model in question: Meggy's livestream model.
"I'm sure she can't be THAT bad." The adorable girl with pigtails put in a $25 CAD donation with the following text: "You should totally try out this new Wrapture console. It's, like, so much fun!"
"Oh, like that's gonna work a second time ya simp..!" Heather said.

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