Subdued Meme Girls 4
Melony tried to clap it off, but the bed sprouted more arms to wrap her in a blanket then slip her into a body pillow case. This was quickly repeated on Heather and Courtney, leaving three puffy bundles on the bed.
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Heather and Courtney both struggled like bound worms, letting out repeated muffled protests while they did.
"I'm not done yet, sweetie." The bed chimed.  After all, it was meant to be a robot that prevented its sleeper from easily waking up, and despite having several components removed, it simply looked for a different definition.

The arms brought out long strips of sheets that it wrapped around each girl, turning them from thick bundles into thicc bundles that outlined their bodies.  At a glance, Melony was different from the two slender girls since her two green ahoges stuck out of her cocoon.

Of course, the bed would continue to further secure the girls since they were in no state to press the emergency off button on the side of the bed.
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Desperate to get out, Heather and Courtney both struggled, although the thickness of their cocoons made them less able to struggle.
The bed has no plans of stopping.  It slipped beige sacks (and a tan one for Courtney) over the girls, then pulled out a number of clothes, skirts and socks to slip over the girls so that they resembled limbless faceless versions of themselves.

Thankfully, someone pressed the button before it can go any further.

"Seriously, Melony, messing with that bed?  You're a hacker, not a robotist." Saiko groaned in Japanese as she pulled the three dolls away from the bed.  Melony wiggled at the voice of her friend.  "No, you stay there.  Think of it as a lesson not to do things Mario would do.  In fact, I'm taking you three to my house."
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"Hmm?!" Heather and Courtney were both surprised at this sudden change in plans.
Saiko didn't want to explain as she pulled out three duffel bags, folding and zipping the girls into each one.  She had initially come to get Melony since Tari and Meggy seemed to be missing and Melony could help track them.  However, she would be a psycho to stay with a bed that was a masochist's dream which is why she's taking them to a safer place, and besides, she might as well indulge the yandere fantasy of kidnapping other girls while she's at it.

Picking up the three bags with one slung under her shoulder, she began her trek to her house.
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Heather and Courtney squirmed in their duffel bags, a stark contrast to the probably-sleeping Melony. Thankfully Saiko hadn't known that Heather and Courtney had nabbed Tari and Meggy; otherwise, Heather and Courtney are both boned.
At Saiko's house, the yandere removed the three girls from their bags and sliced Melony free from her layers of bondage.  "Melony, I want you to find out where Meggy and Tari are."

Melony glanced over at the two other girls.  Great, there goes Saiko's plan.  "Fine, I'll release them too."

Melony cut their bonds away.
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It took a bit, but soon, Heather and Courtney were freed from all that. "Whew..! Okay, can one of you please explain to me what's going on?" Heather asked.
Saiko motioned Melony to get onto the computer as Saiko turned her attention to the two girls.  "Melony tested a buggy bed, and if I wasn't visiting her at the time, you girls would have been sleeping for a long time."

"Sowwy, I understand why she moved us away from the bed."  Melony added in as she decided to see if Meggy and Tari were online.  "And...why are you looking for Meggy and Tari, Saiko?"

"I talked to Bob."


"Don't worry, Saiko.  Meggy's not in the vault because she got taken by some bitches."  Bob told Saiko. "Wait, I was bribed not to say that."

Saiko glared at him.

"I didn't get their names, but I can say their boobs were pretty big."


Thankfully, Saiko didn't take that clue to heart.
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((Of course Bob would mess up..! XD!))


Tari doesn't seem to be online, probably because she isn't exactly a streamer (at least nothing canon I've watched indicated such), but Meggy has a purple online indicator, with a note saying "Streaming Goose, Goose, Duck for Wrapture VR." This ain't good..!
Melony opened a stream to see how Meggy was doing, also seeing Tari in the game too.


Tari and Meggy hacked the lights and waited at the electronics.  "Okay, we should be able to take down two geese while they look for power."

Unfortunately, they walked into the hand of a goose.  "Does it look like I need your power?"

Surprisingly, no vases were harmed.


It's only when Melony looked up what the Wrapture VR is that she realized the girls were effectively trapped.  Another search showed that the Wrapture was developed by a Claire Diamont, who gave a number of these VR units to a few people, notably those that happened to star in Total Drama or its related series.  And when searching for a Kitty that donated in Canadian dollars, there seems to be at least one that stared in a show similar to Total Drama.  In fact, it seems to be no coincidence that two Total Drama girls are here.

Saiko looked at the screen, coming to the same conclusion.

"I think we've found our culprit."
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At least the pair had the receipt. $2399.80 USD for four custom-made VR consoles was expensive.

As for Heather... "Oh shit!"
Saiko shook her head.  Despite Heather and Courtney having been in a dangerous gameshow, said game show never had them use actual weapons.  Against girls with the power of god and anime literally on their side...

She looked down at the two identical mummies on her bed, both strapped down by rows of belts.  They weren't that seriously hurt, both being knocked out within the first few hits, so she convinced Melony that wrapping them would heal them up.  Granted, she should have at least left them ungagged because their intitial guess was wrong, but it seems that asking the mummified girls would be unnecessary.

Melony had simply asked Tari and Meggy, both comfirming that Heather had approached them and in Meggy's case, confirmed that Kitty was present and making the two realize they were fooled.  The issue was to find out where Tari and Meggy were being held...

((Decided to roll.  Second nat 1))

"Wait, you could zap into a game console.  Couldn't you just...go in and out?"  Saiko pointed out.

Tari derped, then pressed her arm.  Then she found herself in the real world standing outside her now empty bag.
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Well, being fair to them, Meggy wasn't so much fooled as she was genuinely curious to try the console out. Speaking of whom...

Meggy saw the following prompt.

Tari_Bluejay had logged out.

Soon after, the game shifted to the victory screen for the Geese. Turns out Tari was the duck while Meggy was a dodo bird.
Lacking any means to escape herself, the most that Meggy could do was choose a different game.  And while Magical Girl Trainer seemed odd, it could give her an idea for coaching, especially with Melony.

The first thing she saw when she logged in was a rubber sheet flying her way.


Meanwhile, it's probably save to assume that a freed Tari was next to a bagged Meggy and possibly Kitty.  She took a quick glance around her to realize that she was no longer in the arcade...
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Speaking of Kitty, it took a bit before Kitty came into the picture.

"Hey! I hope you two got-- Huh?"

There, she saw Saiko and Melony with a now-freed Tari and a still-bound Meggy. Kitty saw Meggy's bound movements being very coordinated as opposed to a frantic struggle, almost as if she was getting into the console. This was much unlike Courtney and Heather, who were struggling in the bandages they were wrapped several layers in.

"What the hell happened here?" Kitty asked.
"Well..."  Tari began to explain.

Saiko stepped in "Who cares?  What I want to know is why you tried to kidnap us?"

"It was because I asked them to."  The hooded figure stepped in.  "And as for who I-"

"It's just Bob."  Saiko sounded a bit discouraged.  "Let's just go."

"Wait, where are you going?  Aren't you going to hear about my plans?  Can I come too?"  Bob pleaded as the four girls left, with Melony dragging Meggy along.  "Damn, there goes all the hot bitches."
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Kitty watched as they all left... Then shrugged. "Welp, I'm gonna go get some tacos from Waluigi's Taco Stand. See ya~!" Kitty merrily left the scene, leaving Heather and Courtney to struggle in their predicament and a confused Bob to question what had happened.

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