Kink Talk: Warioware Captured!
While Mona stood still as a statue thanks to her hypnosis still, 5-Volt squirmed in the rubber cocoon she was trapped in. "Mrrph..! Mmmph..!"
"...So, should we go three for three?" Dom asked as he carried the two rubbery cocoons into the basement of the shoppe.

Lum shook her head. "Ashley's a bit too young for my taste. Besides, we don't know if Wario is going to pay for the girls back."

Dom figured that, as much as Lum took after her mom, she suspects that Ashley was going to be an issue when it came to a battle of magic. "Maybe we're going about this wrong if we think Wario's not going to part with his cash. After all, there's more than one way he can do that."

Lum caught onto his idea. As Dom pulled the hoods off 5-Volt and Mona, she dialed Wario. "Hello? This is about the job. And the payment."
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"Wha, huh? You got 'em all?" Wario replied, most likely not expecting the call.
"We got two out of three so far and will be heading out to grab the third."  Lum admitted.  "We were just checking in to see how much these girls are really worth to you, because if you're only paying pennies for their return...I'm certain another game company will pay them top dollars to and for them."
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