Kink Talk: Meggy's Wrapturous Adventure
((This serves as a sequel to Polyedit2000's SMG4 RP ( ). I had this idea spur into my head, so I'm getting it out there. Plus, why not? Has anyone kinkified a Twitch stream before?))

We start at Meggy's home, where Meggy is setting up her next stream. The orange-haired cutie had a rubbery sack laying atop her bed. Once Meggy turned on her camera and turned the stream on, Meggy looked at the camera. "Is this thing on?" After a short pause... "Okay, good."

Meggy cleared her throat. "Hey guys. Welcome to my latest stream! For this stream, I'll be showing off the Wrapture Delta!"

A $20 donation came in with the following question: "How come you still got that thing?"

"Well, here's the thing... Heheh..." Meggy nervously chuckled. "See, I really enjoyed playing games in this thing." Meggy picked up the sack, which was orange with black pads. "At first, I played Goose Goose Duck with Tari, which was fun. After that, I played something called Magical Girl Trainer. I figured it would help me with my coaching skills, but turns out it was a bit different than what I was expecting. At least I made for a cool magical girl, hehe."

Another guy in the chat asked, "Where did you get that thing from?"

"Oh yeah..! I was originally bound in a white Wrapture Delta sack with orange pads just like an inkling. Though after that, things went a bit interesting. See, after a lawsuit over my inability to renew my ID, I managed to get a $1,520,000 settlement, plus a new ID, so that was fun. With it, I donated like $10,000 to fund a Wrapture Arcade those guys are trying to build, and after that, well... I bought like 10 of those sacks... Hehe." Meggy pointed the camera at a wardrobe that contained twelve Wrapture Delta sacks. Next to it was an orange Wrapture Omega unit. Two of them was a pink sack that was fairly long (Saiko) and a watermelon-themed sack that looks like it would not've suited Meggy's petite body (Melony). The other 10 were sacks bought in varying colors, two of them colored like Peach and Daisy. "I got the Omega thing at a convention; they were interested in seeing me try it out in a stream. Heheh... Yeah... I had a bit of an interesting time..." Meggy chuckled.

Soon after, Meggy perked up. "So! Here's what it's all about..." Meggy slid herself into the orange sack she got out. Soon after, the sack zipped itself around Meggy's body. "Oooo! Yeah, see, the Wrapture Delta sack has self-zipping features that would seal me in as soon as I get in. Nifty, huh?" Meggy had her cat unzip the sack for her. Apparently Meggy managed to teach her cat how to work a zipper. Must be her training working in her favor. "Whew! Now then..." Meggy picked up the hood that went with the sack. "The hood serves as the VR Headset of the Wrapture Delta. It has a built-in translating gag mic and a streaming feature that allows me to connect this thing with Youtube or Twitch. Here, let me change things up for a sec." Meggy changed her stream to show two different screens: one with her in the "real world" and a screen that's black... For now. "That being said... Let's begin."

Meggy slid the hood on, then slid back into the sack. Soon after, she tapped the button on her navel on the leg of her bed, turning the thing on. There, she would come across the Wrapture VR UI, which would be shown on the screen that used to be black. "Now then... What first..?"

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