Kink Talk: Meggy's Wrapturous Adventure
When the goop splashed onto Tari, it spread all over and stuck her limbs to her body. The red tendril quickly wrapped around her body, turning her into a red mummy from the nose down.

Meggy wasn't so fortunate when a red tendril from a third melon snagged her ankles, making her a target for another volley of goop before it wrapped her in red. But it left her a target to the first melon, which gooped her form and wrapped her up another layer of red. Then the third melon gooped her and wrapped her up as if to assert its ownership over her. Then the first melon covered Meggy in goop before the other melon conceded. It was difficult to determine Meggy's expression under all those layers, though not difficult to mistake the curves of her body.

Regardless of the number of layers, both melons stretched their rinds over the girls to engulf them in a final green layer.
[Image: Beta.png]
The rinds, as thick as they are as they are watermelons, engulfed the girls as they were slowly pulled in. It felt strange that these melons absorbed them akin to Xenomorph eggs. On the bright side, at least the melons are still juicy.
The girl were fully engulfed by the melons as the rind sealed themselves.  They could only kick and struggle, though they could not break out of the tough yet rubbery rinds.


MelonLord:  hai :3
MelonLord:  OwO
MelonLord: \(^o^)/
[Image: Beta.png]
Oh god..! It's Melony..! How is that girl enjoying this?

Then a chat message came from Meggy.

MeggySpletzer: Melony? What the H? How could you be entertained by this?
MelonLord:  friends are melons :3
Magi-Gal Lumes:  I get it.  It's like me enjoying magical girls just because.
MelonLord:  can meggy be melon longer?
Digita:  Whether she chooses to do so in the virtual world, it is a good time to demonstrate a feature for the physical world.


The webcam turned on to show Meggy's sacked body, though it seems to pull itself into a fetal position, the seams merging and the exterior padding itself, and with a bit of stripes darkening, Meggy's sack now looks like a plush watermelon.


MelonLord: <3<3<3
Digita:  Of course, the material is limited, so you can't turn the sack into a twin-sized bed.  And while you could decide to turn the sack into other forms like a straitjacket, the sack is the most optimal form for controlling the game.
[Image: Beta.png]
Meggy sighed. There was really nothing Meggy can do about Melony's relative innocence despite the fact that Bob got Melony into OnlyFans of all things. Squirm as she might, Meggy's watermelon-like prison didn't budge, both inside and out. The same can be said about Tari, whose squirming is lighter than Meggy's albeit still fairly visible. Two melons on a farm, what could you do?

MeggySpletzer: I see... Man, this is quite the predicament.
JustMonica:  Could be worse.
JustMonica:  It can be worse, right?
Digita:  There are options that trigger when virtually bound or imprisoned.  Examples include muffling outgoing speech/text and negating pause/exit features until you return to a relatively normal state or an amount of time passes.
Digita:  Alternatively, it is possible to carry some bound states back to your hub, which can only be released after some time or if you return to the game and remove it as intended.  While some games enforce this option, you can activate this option yourself.
Digita:  Do not worry; there is no infinite or days setting and the commercial THICC unit comes with both an external and upper time limit so you won't be infinitely bound.
[Image: Beta.png]
One of the options seem to be at play already. In the real world, Meggy's and Tari's speech were muffled from within their THICC units and in the virtual world. They were also unable to bring themselves out of the fetal positions they were in.

Comically, an old man looked at their predicament and said "EGG" before walking away.
What Digita means is that, if the option was selected, anything Meggy would attempt to type in chat would either be negated or translated to muffled speech.

It would be time to switch to another dream.  This time, it appears to be some sort of sunset beach city.
[Image: Beta.png]
Okay, this one... Hrmm...

"Where are we, Meggy?" Tari asked.
"This is... Port Aurora?!" Meggy said. "I came here on a vacation to sort myself out, but a lot of things happened in Port Aurora since I arrived. I met this... sort of sheriff named Auri. He wasn't the best at fighting crime at first, but he improved."
"Nice," Tari said.
At this point, both Meggy and Tari were shot in the back of the heads with some sort of gas. It was familiar to Meggy, but instead of making her live her nightmares, it seems to send their minds into a haze that wants to be pleased. Both girls were dragged into a shack, where their captor stepped ahead of them, a familiar cat girl with a mask.

"Well, that gas should keep you girls pliable. It should feel like you're mind's on catnip. Of course, by the time it wears off, I should have matters wrapped up. Or wrapped up."
[Image: Beta.png]
"Wh-wha..? Whisk?!" Meggy shouted.
"Who's Whisk?" Tari asked.
Meggy sighed. "She's basically this thief girl I met at Port Aurora. We clashed at times..." Meggy bit her lower lip.
Magi-Gal Lumes: Kinda weird that the cat girl suggested there's some sort of hallucination involved while Meggy talks as if she's not affected.
Digita: Meggy had not opted for the chat muffler which should replace her words with appropriate phrases while under this effect.
JustMonica: So she can't actually hallucinate or get hypnotized?
Digita: THICC cannot force that reaction on her brain nor can it produce the chemicals for said effects. However, it is still possible to be hypnotized through visual and audio means.


Whisk pulled out a couple rolls of bandages to start wrapping Meggy as a short green...ball guy took the other roll to wrap up Tari. Whisk kept silent as she worked, though that was because the green guy rambled about some sort of mummy exhibit in the museum and how interesting it was that Whisk wanted to make replicas of them.
[Image: Beta.png]
Tari seemed to get into the scenario a bit. Either she was curious, or the effect was starting to kick in on her. Meggy, on the other hand, rolled her eyes, but opted not to struggle for immersion reasons.
Whisk and the green man wrapped up Meggy and Tari in bandages, then a second layer and then a third layer. The green man excused himself as he went to grab more supplies. Whisk, however, continued wrapping up Meggy, explaining that her client wants to acquire some relics from the mummies' bodies and suggested that she swap them with fakes to hide the crime and finished Meggy with another three layers of bandages.

The green man returned with two bundles and unraveled them. They both slid Meggy and Tari into canvas sacks that had markings over their chests and pulled the hoods over their heads. They then glued a golden mask over their face and donned black wigs over their heads.

Whisk pulled out a photo, and judging by her nod, the girls should be able to pass for the real deals at a glance.
[Image: Beta.png]
Meggy didn't seem too happy with the idea of Whisk getting back into stealing, even though this was a simulation. She squirmed in her binds while Tari still remained unaware of the situation at hand.
And with that, Whisk was going to replace the mummies of Queen Sapphire and her consort...

"Actually, those are two normal mummies." The green man corrected as he handed Whisk another photo. "These are the two you're thinking of."

"In the sarcophagus?"

"They are the sarcophagus."

There seems to be some words exchanged since that detail threw off her plan. She didn't know if she had to continue the plan with a few more steps or just steal the sarcophagi somehow.


"Some dreams will be linked, though you can still choose to randomize the next setting." Digita interrupted. "Though I do have some alternate suggestions. A) I have already designed a hub, so you can check on your friend as well. B) I have seen some comments about VR fitness, so I have selected a few titles to demonstrate that capacity."
[Image: Beta.png]
Meggy watched on before...

MeggySpletzer: Yeah, let's just head back into the hub before their argument gets worse.
Digita greeted Meggy and Tari upon their return.  "To answer some questions for the viewers, there is a size and object limit for the hub, though some people have already created mansions and temporal mazes so it should not be an issue.  It is also possible to share your blueprints, though you cannot re-load hubs or edit rooms when a person is occupying them."

Digita had opted for a three-tier design.  The main floor resembled Meggy's houses, though a bit more colorful with a big W on the floor.  The basement underneath was repurposed to an indoor sports court with inflatable dummies and ink guns hanging on the wall; there was also an alcove on the side with a camera that may remind her of Inkling news.  And below that floor was a dungeon that contained four padded cells, with Saiko locked in one of them.
[Image: Beta.png]

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