Escape the Rubber Tank
This is a ruleset called "Escape the Tank".

1st, roll four 6-sided dice and assign them to the four stats below.  Also, mark the "Best" stats of both categories:

Fat- Your size makes you stronger, but not great for small spaces.
Small- You are quick speedy but weak.

Intelligent- The ability to understand the tank, but tires easily.
Hungry- The energy to do things longer, but easily distracted

2nd, roll a 6-sided die for each of the following stats:

Later, I'll adjust these stats according to the rules.


You wake up weightless and hazy.  What you may notice is that your surroundings resemble an ocean floor or a fish tank.  As the haze clears, you might notice something wrong with your body; your legs are sheathed together into a rubbery tail and your arms are pinned so tightly to your body that you appear armless. A quick reflection against glass also shows that your face or at least your mouth is covered.  In fact, you may find that this "armless mermaid" suit you are in does not have any zippers yet it does allow you to breathe in the water.

It does make you wonder...what you look like as an armless mermaid.
[Image: Beta.png]
((Again with the plug-in error?)) (5,5,4,3)

Size: Fat (5); Small (5); Basically this would mean I get an average build since they both cancel each other out.
Instinct: Intelligent (4), Hungry (3)

Stamina: 2
Focus: 6

Ellody, the cute genius girl with tan skin, would find herself in the tank basically sealed in blue latex as described in the OP. Taking note of her odd appearance, Ellody was surprised by her odd situation. At first, she swam a bit backwards, but soon after, she took a deep breath in and out. How was she able to breathe? Shenanigans, I guess. That being said, Ellody had to look around a bit.
((Got rid of extension.))

Quote:Ellody's Stats:
*Fat: 6
Small: 4
*Intelligent: 5
Hungry: 2

Stamina: 3
Focus: 8

On your journey to escape the tank, there will be challenges that will test these stats.  Choose a challenge and I will roll under for success; those that use your best stats will roll twice for better success.  Be mindful which challenges you partake in as your stamina or focus will be eventually tested.


Ellody figured that her "room", defined by the walls of glass around her and the ceiling of a fake sky above her, was the size of a small bedroom.  She also noticed that there were pipes linked to her tank that should be large enough to swim through, and it did not take long to find where they were.

The first pipe was hidden under a large rock that looked fake but still seems weighty.  The second pipe was open but seemed narrow.  The third pipe had a grate with what may be a scanner next to it.  The fourth pipe was also open but had a flow going into her tank.
[Image: Beta.png]
Obviously the last pipe isn't meant to be swam through, Ellody thought. Giving it some thought, Ellody decided that the easiest way to go was checkig out the third pipe, perhaps to find out what was up with the grate and the possible scanner.
(Intelligence Success)

Ellody brushed against the pebbles on the grate and the sensor blinked green just a little. It did not take long to guess that the grate had to be clear of debris to open, and thankfully, there was not much covering it.

Ellody swam through the grate before it might close. She emerged into another tank the size of a living room, this one more decorated with different underwater flora. She also saw another grate on the other side, though there seems to be something like a lock on it.

If Ellody takes a look at the decor, she might find glints in a rotted log, a nest of coral, and a bed of seaweed.
[Image: Beta.png]
Okay, it looks like this tank is a lot more than what I was thinking... Ellody thought. She decided to examine the nest of coral.
(Small Success)

The glint was a key, but it was nestled in the middle of the coral. Ellody felt like she could squeeze between its branches and attempted to swim through. Thankfully, the key seems to stick to her as she brushed by it, and getting out was a narrow but successful affair.

With key in...figurative hand, Ellody swam up to the grate. The key flew to the lock, opening it up, and Ellody swan through it.

The next room is more of a hallway. The bottom half was occupied by an eel-like skeleton, though she could try to pry the maw open. That was because the tank was not filled up all the way, so it seems like she would either open up the skeleton to swim through or attempt to crawl over it to the other side.
[Image: Beta.png]
Okay, that's kinda creepy... Not wanting to deal with the skeleton, Ellody tried swimming over it.

((Based on the ruleset, after 3 challenges, I will roll Stamina or Focus based on said challenges, which Intelligence plus Hungry lean into Focus. Unlike the normal challenges, which rolls under, these two have to be rolled over, though half of that stat is added.))


The water was too low that Ellody had to crawl, inch-worming over each rib. That didn't last long as she paused for a quick break, long enough for the ribs to creak in, slipping her between a set.

That just makes her question the whole setup of this skeleton. And the tanks and pipes. And the whole rubbery fish thing that she'd probably be embarressed to admit that the current somehow returned her back to her tank when she was lost in thought.


((Do you want to continue with the rules, or discard them for some freeform?))
[Image: Beta.png]
((I'm 50/50 for both myself. Some freeform would work for already-completed challenges to save us some of the headache, but the ruleset allows some level of challenge.))

It took her a bit, but soon, Ellody came to. "Hmm?" ("Huh?") Ellody said. "Whmt hmpnned..?" ("What happened..?") Ellody paused for a bit before shaking her head. I should probably head back there. I already cleaned out that third pipe; certainly there's nothing for me to worry about there now...

Ellody would make her way back to the "living room" setup through the pipe. Once there, she decided to try checking out the log.
The glint was no longer in the log (nor in the seaweed bed). Still, despite looking like it could break with a solid whack, it is a good size for a seat.
[Image: Beta.png]
And so, Ellody took a seat on the log. Ellody took some time to think it over. Hmm... If I put a little effort, I might be able to make it through rather than over the eel skeleton... Yeah..! That's what I'll do..! And so, Ellody got off the log. Soon after, she made her way back to the corridor with the eel. This time, she tried to lift the maw up and go through.
(Fat success)

Quite interestingly enough, it was easy to lift the upper jaws without scrapping against the teeth. It was heavy, but Ellody managed to push the jaws back enough that they shouldn't fall down. Afterwards, it was easy to swim between the ribs and to the next tank.

Ellody can't help but call the next tank a kitchen. Again, this tank was not fully filled, but that was mainly because of the cooking stations: There seems to be a sushi belt, a frying station, a bar, and a hose.
[Image: Beta.png]
Ellody would like a bite... If it weren't for the fact that the rubber didn't cover her head save for the goggles over her eyes. The oxygen mask didn't help either. She was in the mood for sushi, hence the fact that her eyes were on the sushi belt.
(Small Success)
Ellody noticed a glint in one of the sushi and managed to nudge it into the water where it broke apart and revealed a key.

Now that she noticed, there seems to be a locked grate past these food stations.
[Image: Beta.png]
Yes..! Ellody thought. Ellody... Hopped? Swam? Whatever it is, Ellody decided to approach the grate. I've no idea whether it was out of reach or not, tho.
Ellody unlocked and swam through the pipe, eventually reaching what seems to be a vault door in bedrock.  Without a doubt, this seems to connect to the outside world.  However, the mechanisms holding this door closed would test a single fish to their limits.

If Ellody turned around, she may notice that this room connects to other pipes, probably serving as a distribution center to other tanks.


((According to the game, the final challenge is composed of 4 challenges.  I'll set said challenges to each stat, so you'll have to roll 4 times in Fat, Intelligence, Small and Hungry and succeed in all of them to escape.

Normally, failing the final challenge would reset the game, but I'll just get kinky instead.  You can use the pipes to find other fishes with a 6 in one stat, if you can complete their challenge.))
[Image: Beta.png]
((Ah, we're on the home stretch here... Nice.))

Ellody looked at the door in front of her. Man..! What is this thing..? It doesn't look like anything I can readily open up... Ellody turned around and took note of the pipes: four in all. I suppose that helps... Ellody opted to take the closest pipe to the right.
((Rolled for stat, so...))

Ellody swam into another tank. It seems that a statue (of a more accurate mermaid) had fallen over and pinned a young fish under its arm and body. And of course, the fish doesn't seem to have the leverage to get out by herself.
[Image: Beta.png]
Oh gosh! That fish must be trapped..! I gotta help it..! And so, Ellody tried lifting the statue up.

((Okay, so what do I have to roll here?))

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