Kink talk: The Halloween Queen
Jane tugged at the collar with her hands in disbelief.
- "Hey, what is this? Not that I'm against such toys, but don't you think we should get to know each other better first?"
Sorry for bad English. This is not my native language.
Queen pulled down Jane"s leggings til it reached her knees then tied around her legs. "Right then I'm Camilla Bass also known as Queen"
Jane did not expect such a turn of events and at first was even taken aback by such impudence. Feeling the breeze on her bare skin, she cast a surprised glance down.
- "What are you allowing yourself!!!" - Jane blushed and tried to cover her crotch with her hand (One small, but very piquant nuance: Jane did not have underwear under the Tracer suit. This suit fitted her figure so well that her panties and bra stood out too clearly and comically under it. Therefore, the girl took off her underwear in the fitting room). She was so surprised and confused that she allowed her legs to be tied with her own leggings.

((If I imagine this situation correctly, then the Queen tied her knees))

However, after Camilla's confession, Jane's stupefaction passed, as if it had never happened at all. The athletic girl immediately realized who she was facing and what exactly the Queen was trying to do with her. So then she acted quickly and decisively. With her legs tied, she almost lost her mobility, which means it was necessary to deprive her opponent of mobility. Jane took advantage of the fact that the Queen bent down, while tying her legs, and pushed Camilla to the ground, and she immediately jumped (or rather fell) on her and pinned her to the ground with her weight. In strength and speed, Jane was not inferior to her opponent.
- "Not so fast, honey!"
Sorry for bad English. This is not my native language.
Meanwhile, Alex continued to struggle with his bonds in the trunk. Sweat rolled off him in a stream and the guy stank and puffed like a big wild boar, but he never managed to untie a single knot or remove the gag. A less hardy person would have been tired and given up long ago, but Alex wanted to be free so much that he didn't even feel tired. Meanwhile, the car in which he was locked had been standing motionless for quite a long time and the bound guy heard some female voices outside the trunk.
He decided to stop fighting with the damned ropes for a while and try to attract attention to himself. To do this, he began to jerk violently back and forth, hoping to the car swing from side to side. And indeed, soon the car began to shake, like a boat during a pitching.
Unfortunately for Alex, Jane was currently engaged in a catfight versus Queen. And there were no other potential witnesses who could come to his aid nearby.
Sorry for bad English. This is not my native language.

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