New Characters

Now, I'm sure some people may get lost.
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New Characters

Post by kay225 » Sat Nov 29, 2014 9:15 pm

Edit: I know I said I don't use Kay anymore. But now I use Kay anymore.

Kay Storkson
Visual Reference (Unfortunately work safe-ish. Will upload the NSFW version when it's finished.)
Brief Description: A pretty average guy. Or at least he likes to think he is. Don't ask too much about his past.
Bisexual - male preference. Submissive.

Dragon Purple
Visual Reference[NSFW]
Brief Description: Purple the Wanderer is a self-proclaimed ronin samurai (he's not actually a samurai.) He wanders without aim, hence the title he's been given.
Bisexual - female preference. Switch.

Dragon Violet
Visual Reference[tw: absurd resolution]
Brief Description: A sorcerer from a far away land. Violet doesn't care if anyone thinks his choice in clothing clothing, or his youthful appearance look feminine to them. In spite of having powerful sorceresses at his command, he doesn't like seeing people get hurt and certainly doesn't like using his powers for that purpose.
Bisexual - male preference. Switch. (Secretly very submissive.)

No visual reference yet.
Yo, I'm drawn on what I want to do with this character. I had him before as an equine, but, I'm considering having his species as shark instead.

Also, all art done by Nail/IceFlux. He's doing commissions, by the way.

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