If the TD Girls Were In an RPG

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If the TD Girls Were In an RPG

Post by Flashlight237 » Fri Apr 26, 2019 12:29 pm

Hey there. So, as was evident, I'm more into traditional RPGs (Final Fantasy, Epic Battle Fantasy, Phantasy Star II) than MMOs (World of Warcraft). As such, I have considered the classes of some TD girls. Here's what I can manage.

Amy and Samey: Ninjas; a subtype of the rogue class focused on stealth, speed, and a more balanced weapon style (katanas and shurikens). This would fit because being a cheerleader more or less requires some physical strength and physique, not to mention, well, remember Kim Possible? That secret agent who trained in martial arts? Yeah, she's a cheerleader too.
Anne Maria: Crusader/Tank; it'd make sense considering Anne Maria's hair is like Adamantium or something.
Courtney: Brawler. She really can take matters into her own hands if need be, whether it be smashing props, wrestling others, or killing sharks. May as well let her fight with her fists.
Dawn: White Mage or Monk. Yeah.
Ella: Bard. While she does dance, her moves don't really have an effect in battle unlike her song, which can insta-tame bears.
Ellody: Scholar. What can I say? It fits her perfectly.
Emma: Scholar. Makes sense knowing Emma.
Gwen: Black mage. Pretty much the standard Final Fantasy spells would be used by black mages.
Heather: Black mage. Figured it'd be the best class for Heather since she'd dominate the competition with the OP-ness of a mage, plus hey, whatever she can use to bind others.
Izzy: Gambler. Honestly, Izzy's just a wildcard.
Kitty: Jester. While a jester would more or less work like a gambler, I figured it'd fit Kitty's huggable, fun-loving personality. She's so cute.
Leshawna: Crusader. My Skype buddy figured Leshawna would be tanky.
Lindsay: Berserker. I went with that class because Lindsay's the kind of girl who'd just Leeroy Jenkins all the time due to her shoddy intelligence.
Sky: Warrior. It'd make sense considering her memo.
Tammy: Bard. Likely in association with how she used her "magic."
Zoey: Archer. DUH!

That's about the best I can manage. There are other girls here if you wanna take a crack at this yourself: https://www.deviantart.com/flashlight23 ... -723403290

That and you can give your own thoughts here if you wish.

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