Tron Legacy

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Tron Legacy

Post by polyedit2000 » Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:59 pm

Black Swan is also out, though I only watched Tron. Out of my group, I was the only one who watched the old Tron (Kingdom Hearts is an acceptable substitute). First, I will say that Tron isn't present, at least not as immediate as some people want. There were some elements that reminded me of other movies (Star Trek 2009 intro?), but Legacy did not disappoint in combining Tron and modern updates. I wouldn't mind seeing this adaptation in KHIII. Also, bad guy's coat was awesome.

However, I'm not the kind of person to give an accurate score, but I will say it doesn't butcher those who are fans of the old movie.

Fetish Aspect: Magnets, Bodysuits, Brainwashing? Well, there was this one scene where Sam Flynn (main character) was captured and sent to the games. Four females step out from the walls of the room, strip his clothes using laser cutting fingers, and then put on self-replicating armor onto his self-replicated bodysuit (which crept up from the ground). The four ladies then step back into the caskets once done. These caskets have a body outline, leave the face open, and are apparently shaped to the female body.

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Re: Tron Legacy

Post by Sebastian » Sun Dec 19, 2010 6:02 pm

Very interesting. I had watched the original Tron about 3 times. And I have heard of several reviews of this new one. I think I will be more interested in the design than the story. Plus I hear that the Daft Punk soundtrack was pretty good too.
Maybe I will get a chance to see it this coming long weekend.

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