OC: Gwen Skyler

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OC: Gwen Skyler

Post by irRESPondible » Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:18 pm

Full name: Princess Guinevere Josephine D'Escalier of Aquitaine
Race: Human;
Type: Normal
Age: 22; Weight: 119 lbs; Height: 6'2''.
Measures: 38D-28-36
Hair style: Knee long wavy; Hair color: Blondie; Skin color: Mocha; Eye color: Green
Known aliases: "Gwen Jo Skyler" (preferred), "Knot Crazy", "Eternal Damsel", "Slave Gwen", "Princess".
Hometown: Paris, France.
Actual place: Los Angeles, CA.
Likes: Bondage (all kinds); torture (breathplay included); encasement (by everything); helplessness; domination (from either gender); indie music; eastern traditional cuisine; travels and mysteries.
Dislikes: Dirty stuff (sex itself, rape, gore, children in adult situations.. .you know, the lousy fetishes); addictive drugs; stupid TV shows; commercial R&B; American fast food, snacks

Biography: Guinevere is the daughter of the Lord Antoine Claude D'Escalier and Lady Stephanie Jacqueline D'Escalier, Duke and Duchess of Aquitaine. However, their daughter was never given the "princess treatment", as they believed strongly she needed her own identity. She was neither spoiled nor strongly disciplined, which gave her a balanced family background to confront life. She gained a love for other cultures and a general desire to know more about it. She became a stewardess on a flight company as soon as she got off her studies. She also loves poetry and tribal dances. Her other love: BDSM. She gained a lot of knowledge from her travels, as well as gaining a passion for being restrained and dominated. There are still some limits she draws on herself, mainly about deeply health threatening situations("Scat?! Get out, you creep!") but she has no limits about bondage or torture("Oh, yes, fully tight head wrapping!! Who needs air, anyways?!). She loves to spend her free times tightly bound (or in work as well: she once served in a private plane to a very kinky sheik and she obliged, to the point she was accidentally sent to Arabia after her airtight encasement in leather got mixed with the sheik's luggage), not wanting to be given an edge to escape.
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