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RPG MAKER VX ACE sprites89 viewsSome sprites for RPG Maker VX Ace, based on Sebastian and a few of his works.Mar 23, 2020
Dawn and the Mask of Shadows153 viewsSomething based on an RP from Polyedit2000 because I was a little too invested in that idea.Nov 15, 2019
Izzy in a Happysack95 viewsSo yeah, this one's a doozy. Here, we have Izzy trapped in one of Sebastian' happysack dealies. This one took me a bit to do; I had to copy and paste the group Izzy is in to get the sack itself, which is basically featureless aside from transparency.Nov 15, 2019
You Making Me Blush With Hugs and Kisses251 viewsCommission featuring Bodybag YoumaDec 08, 2018
You Making Me Blush With Footies327 viewsCommission featuring Bodybag YoumaDec 08, 2018
Kaiju Puffin708 viewsRandom art I drew for Seb... I think it's a good idea... Drawing better artists as Kaiju monsters... Least that's how I feel Jan 03, 2018
Joy of Painting330 viewsPonyfox Jan 03, 2018
Rubber Ponyfox490 viewsThis is one of those times I got bored and started drawing over a printout... I really love this picture and it's original.. It had alot of influence on some of my fetishes; I think sooo I put myself in it's place.

Its also up on my DA gallery; I asked Seb if I could post it there along time ago and he said it was alright.

Mmm for the most part I changed up alot of variables... Added more shine spots details changed the mane and hair style and made the character reflect my OC.
Jan 01, 2018
Chainsman's Crazy Toons234 viewspolyedit2000. An RP idea I have involves people getting sucked into a cartoon version of the Chainsman Institute.Oct 09, 2017
314 viewsAug 05, 2017
Waiting702 viewsMy oc Kat waiting to play.Apr 29, 2016
Kat going for a walk845 viewsKat as a bed pet.Apr 29, 2016
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