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Bed Pets are people bound and treated like pets. They can be confused with the end products of Toy Balls or Bed Toys.

Bed Pets do not have the dexterity to clean themselves, so there are services and machines that are made for that job.

Pre-2004 version:

Bed Pets were encased in a thick coat of clear plastic or rubber, usually bound in a fetal position with arms behind their backs. The latex not only keeps all orifices open but it also allows the Bed Pet to breath even if gagged with a dildo or similar instruments.

Standard Version:

This is the standardized Bed Pet, though they rarely spend their time on the beds. The Pets are coated in rubber with their arms and legs folded up, leaving them to walk on their knees and elbows. Clear lenses are placed over their eyes to prevent blindness by fogging or fluids.

Bed Pets are either given an attached dildo or a sheath in their mouths, or they can be plugged shut. Sometimes, Pets are outfitted with neck corsets to maintain an upright view or pads to make walking comfortable.

These Pets can be coated in various ways, from applying latex directly to placing them in form-fitting suits.

Plus/Deluxe Version:

These Bed Pets are coated with their arms disappearing into their bodies and their legs folded up, granting them more mobility that the earlier version but unable to escape. The mouths are coated open but the crotch retains the normal shape of their holes. This makes the Deluxe version.

For customers wanting a more lush Plus version, the Bed Pets are given a thicker coating. This coat would make the breasts bigger and make the feet bound to the back vanish. The extra layer also has the effect of giving the eyelids a drooping appearance.