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Bed Toys are not to be confused with Bed Pets. Whereas a Bed Pet can still retain the ability to express itself, though limited, a Bed Toy has a false impression usually disguised as pleasure.

It is possible to created a Bed Toy with a combination of latex and a cast. However, a Toy Ball is magically enchanted to perform that task with just the flick of the wrist. Toy Balls can be placed anywhere on the person, but they are usually placed on the back of the hip since that would allow the goo to enter the body for more rapid transformations (and to prevent the Toy Ball from slipping inside).

An interesting effect of internal transformation produced by this position as opposed to the previous model's encasement is that the latex rushes throughout the body, building up at the hands and feet first before the changes take full effect. In either case, the latex follows a preform, which not only creates paws but also memorizes a begging position and created a mouth plug surrounded with a faux smile.

In previous versions of the Toy Ball, preforms were either male, female, or hermaphrodite. There is also a plug on the navel of the recipient that if pulled, would make the transformation irreversible.

It is also possible to have other types of preforms. Some preforms offer a more "human"-proportion while others could hide arms and make them look more like toys.