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Beta Latex is a latex created and used mainly within the Chainsman Institute. The idea came from Dr. Sebastian and he did provide some assistance in its development, though the main credit for its creation goes to Dr. Arnie.


Beta Latex maintains its liquid form at room temperatures. It will also remain liquid when in contact with gases or latex-based solids. When it comes into contact with solids not made of latex, it will quickly dry out. This property is ideal when applied to human skin.

It contains no known allergens and it allows the flow of gases through the rubbery membrane, though for safety reasons, a person's mouth is never covered. Only a handful of things can cut through Beta Latex such as Adamantium, Hulk-level strength, or specialized laser cutters.


Beta Latex will naturally expand. This ensures that the target's body is fully ensnared, but it will also push out any air sacs that could form and ensure a smooth layer of latex. Of course, this also means that smaller holes such as ear holes and nostrils will be filled up as well; this also means that the mouth can also be sealed, though natural reaction ensures that the mouth is opened for air which also allows the latex to coat the inside and stretch it open. The latex makes no discernment of limbs, so it can double as a restraint.

Even though Beta Latex cannot stick to latex-based solids, it seems to be able to cling onto any former application of Beta Latex. What this means is that it is possible to coat the target in multiple layers of Beta Latex. This can increase the durability of the latex cocoon and thus offer more protection, but this will also reduce mobility and hide away identifying features of the target.

Beta Latex can also be modified to replicate, take on preset shapes, and can also be used to replace the human body.

Beta Latex might have been the basis of other latex, including Magi-latex and Dura-Latex.