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The China Doll Mask is a restraint created by Sebastian in the Chainsman Institute. This mask resembles its namesake with its pale design and two red cheek spots. The mask itself can be modified with open "eyes and mouth" by tapping these cheek spots.

The inside of the mask is lined with a patented "Skin Adhesion Lining" that sticks to the face of the wearer. While the mask can be removed by anyone, the mask recognizes the DNA of its wearer and will remain stuck should the wearer attempt to pry it off. In effect, used China Masks need to be sterilized before being applied to another wearer.

The China Mask also has a gag that expands into the esophagus in order to prevent gagging, speech, and supply oxygen. This also contains a fluid called Nectar that supplements the wearer as a food source. The side effect of this Nectar is that the wearer also becomes more flexible, though the effects wear off when not wearing the mask. When the magic of the China Mask wears off, though, it will simply fall off.

Other Applications

The China Doll can be used as an emergency respirator or for extended submergence in water. There are also some other models of China Masks that either have no mouth or contain an expanding resin that encases the rest of the body in a similar texture.

Tasha C. Polecat created a China Dollsuit that encases the whole wearer. In addition to the functions that a China Mask provides, this suit also provides a zipper that seals itself when someone wears the suit. There are no separate fingers or toes, and there are magnets laced into the mitts to help hold things.