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Eggplants are large, rubbery plants. It is unknown if they taste like their smaller cousins.

The plant in question is firmly rooted to the ground and has an opening at the top. This opening is capable generating a vacuum powerful enough to suck up their prey. The prey's natural instinct in this kind of situation is to run away or hang onto something, so they are always sucked in feet-first.

The Eggplant's innards are thick yet stretchy, able to take in the prey while it is still thrashing. Even if the prey has claws, there is no friction inside to allow any form of cutting. The prey is engulfed until only the head remains exposed, but that won't be for long. Tendrils will drag a film of plant matter around the victim's head, seemingly sealing off all openings. It is hard to determine who is eaten beyond just the shape of the head.

Apparently, the Eggplant's thickness and vacuum does not generate the correct intake of molecules, which is why the prey exists. The prey has to breathe through the membrane, regulating the intake of air. In exchange, the Eggplant will revitalize the prey's body with nutrients that it takes from the ground.

Eggplant Skin

This transformation could occur if a person is left in an Eggplant for a long period of time. It is believed to occur because the person draws more than just nutrients and absorbs the Eggplant DNA. This results in a person with purple rubbery skin, plump legs and arms, and a collar of leaves. The inside of the mouth is very plush.

It also seems that anyone undergoing this transformation will wake up disoriented and confused about any human notions they had. This may lead to trying to convert others into Eggplant people.

Eggplant Suits

The suits vary by design, though they are usually purple bodysuits with a "stem" attached to their heads and green soles and seams. It cannot determined if these suits are crafted after a stay in an Eggplant.

However, the watering can suggests that they tend to a garden, possibly one where Eggplants grow.

Eggplant Wizard

The Eggplant Wizard is a villain from the NES era. As his name implies, he is an Eggplant and his spells are eggplant related.

He can also create these rubbery Eggplants and imprison Videoland's princess in one of them. However, the spell has side effects, turning the princess into an Eggplant Princess. The Eggplant Wizard knows better than to pick a fight with an Eggplant Princess as he works for her now.