Gold Diggers

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Gold Diggers is a comic series that spans many adventures and characters. It is said to be inspired by Final Fantasy, Indiana Jones and Doctor Who.

They are a category simply because of their adventures, whether it be ruins, technology, or off-world travels.


Gina- Archeologist, scientist and adventurer. Identifiable by her round glasses.

Brittany- Gina's adopted "baby sister", this large were-cheetah usually acts like her bodyguard where she would rather be at a mall.

Brianna- A combination of Gina's smarts, Brittany's brawn and a love for weapons.

Sheila- A were-jaugar with a deficiency in which her human body is built like a jaguar and her were-form is rather small.

Other Terms

Were- A race, or rather a category of people who are like humanized animals. They can transform into their human forms, though in some cases, the physique of their bodies do not match.

Peebo- Small robots created by Brianna Diggers, combining golem magick with artificial intelligence. Some of them were adopted by Brianna.