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Lovedolls fall into various categories despite serving the same purpose.


These dolls appear to have no arms. Earlier versions are outfitted with small eye holes and plugs where their mouths and crotches should be. Sometimes, they are outfitted with stirrups that go up to their thighs, designed to limit the mobility of the doll's knees.

Earlier armless dolls are created by first placing the doll in a transparent suit and then placing them in an armless suit. Later versions simply had latex covering them until they appear armless. In either case, these dolls

One method of creating this doll (without magic) is with a generous coat of latex. Another method uses a transparent suit to force a certain figure and another suit to seal the figure and wearer in before an armless suit is placed over that. In either case, these lovedolls can be customized further; the most requested features are hair and plugs to change the size of the doll's breasts. In the earlier versions, a plug is also placed over the belly to help with feeding.


Earlier versions of the dolls usually have their fingers and toes stuck together while their mouths are held open, showing the ridges inside. Later dolls are created through Doll Gel or Quicktex and look more like vinyl dolls with their mouths held open and covered by a screen. Naturally, there are more ways to create a doll.

For example, there was a sketched series of an inflatable doll suit. The wearer simply have to slip the suit on though the face-hole, making sure to insert the crotch pockets. The wearer then inflates the suit with any gas container (preferably oxygen), which provides texture and forces the vagina and anus open. The concentration of air pockets will make the wearer immobile, though, and thus will have difficulty moving once inflated.

An older series also depict Gold Digger's Peebos creating Love Dolls.. After restraining a person, other Peebos will insert lenses, crotch-pieces and spray on epoxy to bind fingers and toes together. They will also wrap the base of the breasts to make them bigger and hooks to make the person smile, and then coat the whole person in latex. This type of dolling does not have any holes to play with, though these victims usually just sit and look pretty.

In some cases, a plug is inserted in the mouth to keep it open and domes are placed over the chest as means to obtain the necessary figure before coating.