Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Neon Genesis Evangelion is the story of a young boy forced to fight the invading "Angels" in the giant enigmas known as Evangelion. This anime had nudity on-screen, even though nipples were edited out, presenting a oddly smooth body.

This category was chosen because of NERV, the agency the characters fight for. Please note that NERV would normally not be this perverted, but access to government funds and the lengths they go in the name of the Evangelion could be interpreted as such.


Shinji- The NERV commander's son and the star of the show. He is a rather timid boy, fighting only because he cares so much for the world. In Sebastian's term, he is a pretty sissy.

Asuka- A brash pilot who offend picks on Shinji. She rarely sees eye-to-eye with the other pilots but is able to work on them when the situation calls for it.

Rei- A clone with little to no emotions. She and Asuka have different personalities and different views on Shinji, in which hers is simply an order to get close to him. She has red eyes and blue hair.

Misato- A tactical officer at NERV who overlooks the pilots, she is also roommates with Shinji and Asuka.

Ritsuko- A scientist at NERV. Just as Misato is responsible for plans, she is responsible for creating technology for the Evangelion. She is a fake blonde.

Maya- Ritsuko's assistant.

Other Terms

Angel- A creature from outer space that attack Earth according to a "prophecy" scroll. Although most of these Angels are larger than buildings, there are some that are human-sized and capable of infecting other beings.

NERV- The agency that employs Evangelion against the Angels as the last defense of humanity. There are some secrets its workers are not aware of. It is run by a man who ironically cares little for his fellow humans.

Evangelion- Giant "mecha". Pilots are to wear suits that interact with LCL, a blood-like fluid that synchronizes the pilot with the Eva. Some Evas have an S-2 Organ, which can be compared to an internal battery usually found in Angels.