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A Nonsense is a pillar-like form as a result of transformation. Its name is derived because, at the time of its creation, its purpose made no sense.

The first sign of this transformation is when your skin gains a plastic sheen. Your hands and feet will thicken and ball up, yet it is unlikely you will fall over. Soon, your hands and feet will merge together, with a bulbous shape keeping you upright and your hands the only thing left of your arms. Your face is frozen into a big toothy smile as well.

Most of the time, your neck will also thicken up to the point where the shoulders and head are one. Also, most Nonsense transformations will end up with a stone over the belly button, its existence having no purpose. Clothings are sometimes incorporated into the transformation.

The natural Nonsense transformation is restricted to an island. Inhabitants of this island will slowly but surely transform into a Nonsense, but if removed from the location, the victim will transform back into a human. The Nonsense transformation can also be induced through technology.

Recent Discovery

It turns out that a Nonsense can at least be modified. In this case, the Nonsense can be converted into a jello-like state. While this does not affect the appearance, the Nonsense will absorb whoever is shoved into it. Those victims become a part of the Nonsense.

In one such example, a Nonsense has four girls stored in her belly. The Nonsense remains upright despite the added weight and the struggles of her contents. Speaking of which, the girls are stretching the nonsense to the point where their limbs and faces can be made out, but the fact that some of their limbs would stretch through another victim's body just adds to the oddness of the Nonsense's body. It is unknown if these girls will be absorbed further into the body or what effect they would have if absorbed.

Though the Nonsense's purpose in nature has not been determined, people can still create Nonsenses as a form of punishment. One such punishment is to apply solar cells on the exterior and convert Nonsenses into energy collectors.

Similar Items

Some fungi will encase their prey in a manner similar to the Nonsense. The main differences are that this fungus will also encase the hair and the layering of the fungus may make chests look larger.

Some Nonsense may also ignore the standard template. As discovered by Raven, one Nonsense had her arms sticking out posed behind her head, and another bunch were anchored to a ledge, most of their heads no longer covered by hair.

Original by Sebastian

The Nonsense process can affect anyone. Its not specific to any one world or dimension.

There is no real rhyme or reason to the transformation but its results are obvious and quite infectious.

those that are affected, find themselves getting sluggish, then they notice that their bodies become plastic smooth. After a few minutes, there is a swelling in the ankles wrists and neck. The girl begins to stagger as the swollen areas start to feel heavy but no pain.

the staggering seems to have some purpose as they all seems to move with some determination to a certain location and facing a specific direction. There is no obvious reason but there has to be a purpose for this.

Once in position they stand there moaning and stretching as the swelling takes over. Eventually the swelling becomes fusion of the body. The feet are now a single heavy bulb that lefts the still exposed toes off the ground. This base is so heavy that they can not fall over if it was an option. The bulb tapers to what used to be two legs, and is now one fused leg. You can see where the separation was even where the crotch was but is now smooth.

More moaning and resisting stretching continues as the once hands now balls fuse the the sides of the hips and the arms squeeze into the body leaving the fingers the stretch and reach and the waist in a perfect bending hourglass shape. A plate seems to cap over the belly button and again seems to have no point to it.

The moaning and swinging continues as the breasts becomes tight and perfectly round, no detail is left but they becomes perfectly firm and just above the shoulders extend to the top of the head via the expansion of former skin from the neck. The struggling continues as the last grunts of resistance are silenced as the face changes from a resistant young woman to that of a wide smile and blank stare. There are still sounds coming from the shape but they can not be determine from happy or angry sounds.

Now all she does is bob back and forth, staring forever at what ever it is that she was looking at when she chose that spot.