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Characters in this section represent the anime Sailor Moon.

The anime is about a girl who, after saving a cat, becomes a magical soldier. She and her friends battle the Dark Kingdom and many others. The show likes to churn out a lot of monsters-of-the-week, thus it has a lot of episodes.

This section is labeled as Rubbermoon instead of Sailor Moon due to the contents of the drawing. The name also comes from an alternate universe where Sailor Mercury has gone evil and binds the group in rubber.

Who (Official)

Sailor Moon- The leader of the group. She is also the resurrected daughter of the Moon Queen. Identifiable by her buns and ponytails.

Sailor Mercury- The brains of the team, primarily uses ice/water attacks. In the live action show, Mercury was turned evil. She has short blue hair and wears the color blue.

Sailor Mars- A fiery fighter who aims for the top. She had often argued and competed with Moon before. She has dark violet hair and wears the color red.

Sailor Jupiter- The kung-fu expert who uses lightning. She has brown hair and wears the color green.

Sailor Venus- Before joining the team, she operated as Sailor V in the show's prequel. She wears a red bow and mainly wears orange.

Outer Senshi- Consists of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Uranus and Neptune are considered the lesbian couple of the anime. Saturn is also part of this group but not drawn due to age restrictions.

Black Lady- Sailor Moon's daughter from the future, twisted by the manipulations of evil. She believes that the Senshi treated her like garbage and responds accordingly.

Who (Fan/Yohma)

Bodybag Yohma- This serpentine Yohma with a big zipper is known mainly for her bodybag attacks. According to a fanfiction, Yohma was summoned as part of an experiment, in which she transformed and devoured the two who summoned her.

Pooka- A yohma debuted in the anime, she is a balloon-based monster who's attack is to inflate into a giant ball and suffocate her enemies. Apparently, Sebastian gave her an upgrade to inflate others as well.

Miser- The Goth Yohma. This Yohma is not drawn, but it is stated as the name of the one who turned Sailor Moon into a goth.

Other Terms

Yohma- A monster-of-the-week. Even though this is technically the term used for the first season monsters, all follow monsters act in a similar fashion. These monsters have the following attributes: A feminine body, some sort of theme relating to their body and attacks, and the ability or scheme to drain energy. A good number of Yohma are capable of restraining their targets.

The Series

The original concept for the series was basically rubbery hijinks with the Sailor Scouts. Mercury was chosen to start off this series since she would be able to create the situations through her access to technology.

This series starts off when Mercury creates a sentient latex (or bases it off another latex). She tests the rubber on Moon and Jupiter, transforming them into rubbery versions of themselves. However, they are also in an armless straitjacket and knee-high high heels with all senses but taste rendered mute, and access to their nipples and vagina open. A small collar forms on which attachments such as leashes could be made.

This latex can also be spread orally, as Venus and Mars soon find out.

Originally, Mercury was going to parade the girls in their blind and helpless glory by linking them together with gag-leashes, but Neptune and Uranus stumbled upon them, and Mercury decided to demonstrate the latex on them. Mercury can also program the latex, as both girls did not wear heels, Uranus did not have a mouth, and Neptune did not have a mask. The series ended with Neptune and Uranus bound together while Mercury went with her old plan.