Sticky Ooze Trap

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The Gold Diggers are caught by a mad scientist. Fortunately, they manage to overpower him. Now, they just have to get out of his maze.

The girls chose to move together, but they had wandered the maze for so long that they had not noticed panels opening up. A hose popped out and shot a stream of goo, but one of the girls managed to easily remove the goo. Sadly, instead of taking care of the hose, they decided to move on, which meant more hoses popped up.

Soon, the amount of goo spraying them was too much for them to just scrape them off, but apparently applying enough of the goo would make the targets feel like they were moving in glue, and once they tripped on their feet, there was enough goo to stick them to the floor.

With the amount of hoses over them, the girls were unable to remove the goo, and in their attempts to do so, their arm and body were sealed under a thick layer of goo. They did try to dig their way out, but the amount of ooze meant that the ooze would become more solid before they could hollow out a lump. However, the hoses are still active, and they would be covered in more layer until even their curvy forms were lost.

They had no choice but to wait for someone to come and deactivate the security, but the mad scientist would be the only one to rescue them, if only to experiment on them again.