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The Teen Titans is a group of teenage heroes from the DC universe. Although the cartoon version used for this category are not considered Justice League materical, they have successfully fought against the demon Trigon and the extensive Brotherhood of Evil. In their spare time, they simply like to enjoy life.

The Teen Titans are a category because their involvement with the strange, which could be related to Raven's study of magic and Starfire's alien customs.


Raven- A half-demon who restrains her emotions. Her magic is focuses on manipulating the darkness, which is sensitive to emotions.

Starfire- A Tameranian who employs energy attacks. She is very friendly even though she doesn't know much Earth culture.

Terra- A girl who can control the Earth. She had worked with the Teen Titans before betraying them, though she ended up rescuing the Titans after being betrayed by her master.

Jinx- A villain with luck-based magic. She gave up the evil lifestyle after a failure to capture the hero she is now dating.

Other Terms

Tameranian- A warrior race that is considered "trogs" or "nothing" by other races. They have a different biology than humans and have rather aggressive eating habits. They undergo a cocooning metamorphosis as they grow.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos- Words that boost the power of Raven's spell. It needs to be spoken, thus Raven is helpless if she cannot say it (under normal circumstances).