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This category is for any fictional work that is not featured in the main categories. Even so, there are some characters that make repeat performance:

Totally Spies

Sam, Alex and Clover are agents of WOOHP, an organization committed to protecting the world from madmen. While they are not on duty, these girls like to hang out like high school girls should.

WOOHP agents are provided a variety of spy gadgets for their missions, including a form-fitting rubber suit. It is also an unspoken requirement that they get caught in a villain's trap once...per episode.

Kingdom Hearts

The Keyblade is a mystical tool that can open the paths between worlds and lock away the darkness. Sora, a young boy, departed on a journey to save his friends from darkness and makes new ones on the way.

Sora had encountered the Heartless; creatures of shadow that take on many forms, and most of these forms were artificially created. The Nobodies, shells of their former selves, are not numerous but are powerful in what they can do.

Tenchi Muyo

A young boy accidentally awakens an ancient demon...who happens to be an infamous space pirate. If this wasn't enough, an alien princess crash lands on Earth, searching for her fiance who was last seen chasing the pirate.

Ryoko was that crass pirate, born from the experiments of the super-genius Washu, and Ryoko gains an interest in the boy. Ayeka, the princess of Jurai, also finds herself attracted to the boy, though both women have clashing backgrounds. Mihoshi and Kiyone are Galaxy Police that also lands on Earth, one by accident and the other unfortunate to be her partner.


A teenager who can see spirits found his house attacked by a malevolent wraith, and he gains the powers of a Shinigami, one who reaps souls. However, his powers were only the beginning of a bigger web of plots.

Rukia is the short Shinigami who gave her powers to the boy. Orihime is no Shinigami, but she finds a power in healing. The Shinigami headquarters contains a research division headed by a mad scientist. There various groups of people with supernatural powers, some having the ability to alter a Shinigami's body.


In a world where the hills literally have eyes, two brothers rescue a princess from a dastardly monster and his army. They also throw parties and race karts on the weekends.

Princess Peach and Daisy are rulers of two of the kingdoms in this world, with Peach being the one frequently kidnapped. There are a variety of mushrooms, flowers and even suits that grant odd powers. Technology and magic also exists in this world (aliens too).


In one reality, a group of cat-like refugees crash onto a planet and fight a mummy fueled with ancient evil. Cheetara is the fastest one of the group, while Wily Kit is one of the pranking twins.

Ben 10

Ben Tennyson was vacationing with his uncle and cousin when he found the Omni-Matrix, a tool that allows him to transform into aliens found throughout the universe. His cousin Gwen finds a book of spells and helps him fend off both alien and human threats.

My Little Pony

My Little Pony is a show about little ponies. The most recent version of this cartoon has removed humans from the world and follows the path of Twilight Sparkle, who is on a task to find the "magic of friendship." This show has an unexpected following.

With the rules of the Internet, there are "girl" versions of the ponies before Equestria Girls was debuted. Sebastian employs two styles. One style features a more human-shaped body with three digits on their hands. The other style gives the ponies a body closer to their smaller shape and give them four digits on their hands and rounded feet.