Kink talk: The Halloween Queen
Jane tugged at the collar with her hands in disbelief.
- "Hey, what is this? Not that I'm against such toys, but don't you think we should get to know each other better first?"
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Queen pulled down Jane"s leggings til it reached her knees then tied around her legs. "Right then I'm Camilla Bass also known as Queen"
Jane did not expect such a turn of events and at first was even taken aback by such impudence. Feeling the breeze on her bare skin, she cast a surprised glance down.
- "What are you allowing yourself!!!" - Jane blushed and tried to cover her crotch with her hand (One small, but very piquant nuance: Jane did not have underwear under the Tracer suit. This suit fitted her figure so well that her panties and bra stood out too clearly and comically under it. Therefore, the girl took off her underwear in the fitting room). She was so surprised and confused that she allowed her legs to be tied with her own leggings.

((If I imagine this situation correctly, then the Queen tied her knees))

However, after Camilla's confession, Jane's stupefaction passed, as if it had never happened at all. The athletic girl immediately realized who she was facing and what exactly the Queen was trying to do with her. So then she acted quickly and decisively. With her legs tied, she almost lost her mobility, which means it was necessary to deprive her opponent of mobility. Jane took advantage of the fact that the Queen bent down, while tying her legs, and pushed Camilla to the ground, and she immediately jumped (or rather fell) on her and pinned her to the ground with her weight. In strength and speed, Jane was not inferior to her opponent.
- "Not so fast, honey!"
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Meanwhile, Alex continued to struggle with his bonds in the trunk. Sweat rolled off him in a stream and the guy stank and puffed like a big wild boar, but he never managed to untie a single knot or remove the gag. A less hardy person would have been tired and given up long ago, but Alex wanted to be free so much that he didn't even feel tired. Meanwhile, the car in which he was locked had been standing motionless for quite a long time and the bound guy heard some female voices outside the trunk.
He decided to stop fighting with the damned ropes for a while and try to attract attention to himself. To do this, he began to jerk violently back and forth, hoping to the car swing from side to side. And indeed, soon the car began to shake, like a boat during a pitching.
Unfortunately for Alex, Jane was currently engaged in a catfight versus Queen. And there were no other potential witnesses who could come to his aid nearby.
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(Camilla used rope to tie her legs up))

She quickly shoved Jane out of the way and added a tight knotted crotch rope for extra discomfort then tied her arms behind her back and duct taped her hands just like Alex.
((I was counting on a longer catfight. But... Why not?))

Jane was equal to Camilla in strength and speed, but the Queen was clearly deftly and knew techniques for quickly binding her victims. So in less than half a minute, the athletic girl was tied up and lying on the ground with her stomach down..
- "Oh, you little... You took me by surprise!!!" - Jane wanted to cover her bare ass with her bound hands, but couldn't reach it.
- "Well, wait a bit! Now I'm going to get free and kick your fat Queens ass!" - the girl began to struggle with the ropes, trying to break them. And unlike Alex, the muscular Jane could theoretically do it. Maybe more ropes were needed.
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Queen delivered a hard slap to Jane's butt and delivered more ropes to her thighs and arms so she could not escape. "Now how should I shut you up?"
- "OUCH!" cried Jane. The bright red imprint of the Queen's palm was left on her buttock.
- "Untie me! Now!" - she wriggled furiously and tried to kick the Queen's legs to prevent her from adding more ropes. Undoubtedly, if the Queen had not done this, Jane would have already managed to free herself.
- "As soon as I get out of here, you will answer for this. I'm going to spank your fat ass until my arm gets tired! And I am very hardy!!"
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"Aw how cute... Now shut the fuck up for me 'kay?" Camilla ripped off a price of her dress , stuffed some in her captives jaw then tied the other around her mouth like a cloth.
Jane continued to squirm on the ground and flex her muscles in an attempt to break the ropes.
- "Cute?! It's not cute at all!" - she snapped furiously-"You have no idea what kind of trouble you got yourself into!"
At this moment Camilla tore off a piece of her dress:
- "Mmmm... Beautiful legs. Okay. Okay. If you untie me right now, then maybe I won't spank your ass too hammmd..." - but the cloth, that Camilla stuffed into Jane's mouth, prevented the girl from finishing the phrase - "Mmmmm!!! MMPHHHH!!! PPPFFFhhh!!!"
Jane looked at the Queen with hatred and tried to spit out the gag. This in itself was not an easy task, but after Camilla wrapped a rag around her mouth, it became almost impossible to do it.
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With this Camilla went back into her trailer waiting for Halloween night... As for Julia...
((And what about Alex and Jane. Did they stay in the same places? Bound Alex in a pumpkin costume is locked in the trunk, and bound Jane is lying with her bare ass under a tree on the edge of the forest?))
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((I forgot to mention Camilla put them inside her trailer's garage))
The taxi took Julia to the edge of the city line and the girl looked towards the forest. It was already beginning to get dark, and the sight of the dark trees diminished her enthusiasm a little. To postpone the moment when she would have to be alone, Julia decided to talk a little with the driver (By the way, it was a beautiful dark-skinned girl with a lush mop of curly black hair. And her taxi driver uniform was a little unusual. The skirt was too short, and the material of the suit resembled rubber or latex, as if the driver had bought it at Harley's store)
- "Thank you for driving me. By the way, do you happen to know if there are any houses or huts in this forest nearby? Or maybe trailers?" Julia asked the driver.
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"Trailers? No sugar I haven't seen any this part of the woods..." Camilla brought Alex and Jane together in the garage. Showing them face to face.
- "Okay. That would be too good. I'll have to look for myself," Julia said a little disappointed - "Well, goodbye and good luck"
She quickly jumped out of the taxi and looked at the towering forest ahead. Thoughts began to creep into the girl's head that she had got involved in this dubious adventure in vain, but she drove them away.
By the way, perhaps she was so passionate about her mission that in a hurry she forgot to pay the driver for the trip.

And at this time, Alex and Jane, bound and gagged, were standing face to face ((or maybe they were lying or sitting?)). They mumbled through their gags and looked at each other. Both were embarrassed and ashamed.

Alex was burning with shame. And he could be understood. Even at normal times, he was shy of his plump body and was shy in front of girls. But now it was much worse. The guy was covered in sweat, disheveled, dressed in a completely indecent and stupid pumpkin costume, tightly bound and... well, yes... horny. The reason for this was the sight of a half-naked amazon in front of him and (Alex did not want to admit it to himself) the fact that both of them were connected. And his too-tight suit, of course, could not hide this piquant fact.

Jane was more liberated than Alex. But in current situation, she also blushed. She appeared in front of a completely unfamiliar guy, with bare thighs and a crotch tied with a rope. But it was not her own partial nakedness that confused her much more, but the fact that she was tied up and in an absolutely defenseless and helpless state. In addition, Jane noticed a bulging bulge in the groin area of the bound guy and she understood that she was the reason for this.

In general. Both the guy and the girl looked away in embarrassment, trying not to look at each other. Red as a lobster, Alex lowered his gaze to the floor. And Jane, with cheeks covered with blush, began to inspect the garage, carefully avoiding looking at Alex.

((Is Camilla also in the garage, or did she leave her victims alone?))
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((she's in))

The Taxi Lady ran after Julia . "Hey you forgot to pay me" . She eventually caught up to Julia.
Julia had already managed to walk some distance along a forest path, when suddenly she was overtaken by a taxi lady. Her thoughts were busy searching for the Queen so at first she didn't even realize what was happening.
- "Hi?" - she said, staring at the taxi lady in bewilderment - "I thought you were already back in town"

Meanwhile, little has changed in the Queen's garage. Alex looked at the floor in embarrassment, afraid (or rather ashamed) to look up at the two beauties — (bound Jane and triumphant Camilla), and tried to suck in his stomach so that it seemed smaller than it really was.

Jane cast angry glances at Camille.
- "Mmph mm! Mf ffuffng mmphhtt!!!"("Untie me! You fucking bitch!!!")
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Just then, they were both stopped by Harley."Jane never called me back is she hurt?"The two of the three decided to go to the forest together.
((Excuse me. My English is bad. I didn't quite understand: Harley appeared in the forest, where Julia and the taxi lady are now?))
Sorry for bad English. This is not my native language.

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