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11 viewsKappa surprise Bald Bit Clear background (Masterfile lost when HDD blew up)ponyfoxJun 02, 2022
Kappa surprise Hair Filled in Clear background (Masterfile lost when HDD blew up)10 viewsponyfoxJun 02, 2022
Vikki Ponytale clear background (Masterfile lost when HDD blew up)9 viewsponyfoxJun 02, 2022
Dragon Toy Clear Background variant (master file lost when HDD died)12 viewsponyfoxJun 02, 2022
Kismet Cocoon (transparent BG)15 viewsKismet Mentioned Rei's cocoon was one of their favorite pictures In chat.
Kadzy thinks they'll find it even more to their liking now!
ponyfoxMay 28, 2022
Kismet Cocoon 14 viewsI moved the signature and drew over the original line art The colors I used were from the Rei Cocoon Picture colored by Farsan 13 a long time ago.ponyfoxMay 28, 2022
Peach Shelled15 viewsPeach Shell By Bastian Mage
Colored by Ponyfox

NO BG version recovered from chat archive
Testing an upload
ponyfoxMay 10, 2022
3 Blind Mice (Tammi edit)21 viewsTried to find the master files for this...They seem to be gone... Back in october my PC HDD gave out and died... Found this version in my DA stash... when I colored the one originally I made Tammi's hair blue since didn't really have a ref to work from... Talking to Polecat they told me the fluff was suppose to be white.. Never did find foxcutter > harmony ponyfoxMay 10, 2022
Poly edit canister 103 viewsDrew my sona and Polyedit's Boris emerging from the empty canister ponyfoxMay 10, 2022
My Pet Usagi Blep B 21 viewsAlt colored version ponyfoxMay 10, 2022
My pet usagi blep 24 viewsColored an old fave<3 My pet Usagi tried a few things and the file got a bit messy.. ponyfoxMay 10, 2022
Bowser's Mummy by Polyedit200017 viewsFlashlight237Apr 23, 2022
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